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Ashland University’s simulation project incorporated the complex interactions of a conversation simulation and created a series of “sub-conversations” within the simulation activity. An additional strength of simulation learning is the ability to present events, decisions, and outcomes at an accelerated speed, and compress or eliminate irrelevant details (Hertil&Millis, 2002). This allowed the simulation created to encompass a complex series of events that developed over time.

While simulation-based learning is not a new instructional tool, the use of digital technology to create a personalized, immersive experience is an exciting new application to enhance student learning. Through their participation in an Educational Administration Simulation Project, graduate students became the administrator and were presented with information and complex situations through the use of interactive video. Even more significantly, with their first decision students began an administrative journey whose outcomes and consequences were directly related to the individual decisions that preceded it.

Developing the simulation

After evaluating numerous software options, the researchers decided to use SimWriter by NexLearn, LLC of Wichita, Kansas. SimWriter is “Flash-based” software that allows the designer to concentrate on the simulation rather than complex programming code. Complete simulation structures can be quickly mapped and examined prior to “dropping in” the various media, which allows rapid development of project ideas like the one used in this research project.

The software compiles and builds the entire project in one of three formats: Executable (.exe), Browser (.html), and Flash (.swf), and allows for testing from any point in the simulation on the fly and in any of the three formats. SimWriter exports scoring information to a learning management system used for online based learning in three formats – SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC, which conformed institutional needs. The software includes a “Pack and Send” feature that zips the entire project and attaches it to an email for external review making for easier collaboration on projects, and uses a media manager to automatically link files.

At the institutional level, the researchers were able to “drop” the simulation into the university’s learning management system (Angel) with ease. SimWriter creates simulations which merge with this system quickly and easily by converting the projects into a SCORM 1.2 package. Another compelling feature of the software is the ability to create simulations as text only or enhanced with audio or video elements, allowing for the creation of simulations for specific learning goals using a wide range of technical capabilities.

The researchers created the first simulation for testing during the 2008-2009 school year. The initial step was to create the case study situation and the relevant demographic, political, and social factors that impacted the decisions to be made. It was important that the “story line” of the simulation have complex and diverse dimensions that lent themselves to the many possible outcomes required in the virtual experience. The case needed to be both realistic and believable, yet have many subtle nuances through which an individual’s unique perspectives could be filtered. As a starting point, the researchers examined many of the cases presented in Case Studies on Educational Administration by Dr. Theodore Kowalski (2008). By examining Dr. Kowalski’s cases both individually and collectively, the researchers were able to establish a foundation from which to build the resulting simulation.

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