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This is an iMovie which is designed to help students and viewers to understand how to derive linear equations from few given points by calculating slopes and y-intercepts of straight lines. Then post their responses to given problems for further feedback.


This project is designed as an open educational source so that anyone learning online may may have access to the lessons. Traditional classroom students who miss classes and independent learners may have access to this project’s lectures.


These lesson learners are able to develop linear equations from few given points by calculating slopes and y-intercepts.

Project rationale/purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide students who have missed classes a chance to catch up, to assist independent learners who might be in preparations of GED exams, and other online learners who wwould like to increase their math general knowledge. Additionally, this project is to support English Language Learners (ELL) who have difficulties keeping up with live lecture pace (Merryfield, 2003).

Why this project was put on youtube?

YouTube is an interesting media that attracts a huge number of Internet surfers. It was created in 2005; however, it had the third largest Internet traffic behind Google and Yahoo in 2009. Thefefore, it is an ideal means for distance learning (Bonk, 2009).

Why asynchronous communication was chosen?

Asynchronous lectures are ideal in distance learn because they convenient for busy individuals who cannot afford to attend regular classes. In addition, they can access these lectures as many times as they like (Harism, 2000). Also asynchronous lectures are convenient for ELL because they cannot keep up with fast paced lectures, and they decode every word they hear in the lecture. At the time they complete processing the first few sentences of the lecture, the speaker may finish the speech or start talking about new materials (Merryfield, 2003). Many postsecondary and K-12 school institutions that implemented online courses and studies found that students learning online modestly perform better than students learning in classrooms (Means et al., 2010).


Bonk, C. J. (2009). The world is open: How web technology is revolutionizing education. San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass.

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