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English first additional language

Story time

Educator section


In Grade 3 learners continue to expand their vocabulary by listening and reading a variety of texts such as poem, stories, riddles and doing word puzzles.

These modules consolidate and revise the vocabulary and phonics introduced in Grade 2. More opportunities are given for written work producing longer texts of more varied kinds. Learners should not be afraid to make mistakes as the building of confidence and fluency should take priority above perfect written work.

Time scheduled for the modules

All learners should work through all eight modules as the phonics and spelling requirements are spread over these modules. The educator should however allow learners to complete them at their own pace namely ± two modules per term.

The story of “The three Billy Goats Gruff” allows for questions to the answered, missing words to be filled into sentences and illustrations to be made.

Many new concepts and ideas are introduced in the poem “Story time” and educators can use these to initiate interesting discussions.

Integration of themes

  • A Healthy environment

The dangers which the three Billy Goats had to overcome can lead to dangers in the learners’ environment and means by which to overcome or avoid these.

  • Human rights

The goats were in search of good food. Children should be cared for and food should be available for everyone.

  • Social Justice

Privileges should not only be for a few but should be for everyone.

Leaner section



  • Listen to these sentences. Clap your hands when you hear the sound of the letter in the frame.
  • Mark all the sounds that are the same as the one in the box.
  • Write each sentence over underneath. Read the sentence.
  • Draw the picture.
m The man makes a mat.
b The blue ball bounces over the wall.
d Dad and Debbie dance.
LO 3.8.1 LO 5.2
e Elephant broke every egg.
f That is a fine feather for the fairy.
h The house has a high wall.
k The kangaroo caught the kite.
t Tim has ten tiny toes.
LO 3.8.1 LO 5.2


  • Do the same with:
l The lamb lies near the ladder.
n There are nine eggs in the nest.
p Please buy me a pink and purple parrot.
r The red rose grows by the river.
LO 3.8.1 LO 5.2
  • See whether you can fill in the correct letters to complete the word.
  • Draw the pictures.
e m s n r k b p h
LO 3.7.1


Assessment Standard 3.7: We know this when the learner develops phonic awareness:

3.7.1 recognises differences in pronunciation between home and additional language;

Assessment Standard 3.8: We know this when the learner develops phonic awareness:

3.8.1 reads and follows instructions (e.g. how to play a game);

Learning Outcome 5: THINKING AND REASONING : The learner is able to use language to think and reason, and access, process and use information for learning.

Assessment Standard 5.2: We know this when the learner uses language for thinking and problem-solving.

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