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The discovery of the extraterrestrial origin of the enclosed helium has far-reaching implications for thehistory of the earth. For example, the existence of the carrier phase of fullerenes suggests that “fullerenes, volatiles, andperhaps other organic compounds were being exogenously delivered to the early Earth and other planets throughout time.”iiBecker,Poreda, and Bunch, 2982. With more research, it might even be possible to determine whether meteorite impacts on earth could havetriggered global changes or even brought carbon and gases to earth that allowed for the development of life!


Why does it matter? Why should anyone care? These buckyballs are giving scientists information about allotropesof carbon never before conceived. More importantly, these buckyballs might allow engineers and doctors do what was neverbefore possible. These are some of the applications for buckyballs currently in research.

Medical uses for buckyballs

Drug treatments

Buckyballs are now being considered for uses in the field of medicine, both as diagnostic tools and drug candidates. SimonFriedman, a researcher at the University of Kansas, began experimenting with buckyballs as possible drug treatments in 1991.Because buckyballs have a rigid structure (unlike benzene rings, often used for similar purposes), researchers are able to attachother molecules to it in specific configurations to create precise interactions with a target molecule. For example, Friedman hascreated a protease inhibitor that attaches to the active site of HIV 50 times better than other molecules. C Sixty, a Toronto basedcompany that specializes in medical uses of fullerenes, plans to test on humans two new fullerene-based drugs for Lou Gehrig’sdisease and HIV in the near future.

Gadolinium carriers

Another medical use for buckyballs is taking place in the field of diagnostics. Buckyballs unique cage-likestructure might allow it to take the place of other molecules in shuttling toxic metal substances through the human body during MRIscans. Usually, the metal gadolinium is attached to another molecule and sent into the body to provide contrast on the MRIscans, but unfortunately these molecules are excreted from thesystem quickly to reduce the chance of toxic poisoning in the subject. Lon Wilson of Rice University and researchers at TDAResearch have encased gadolinium inside buckyballs, where they cannot do harm to the patient, allowing them to remain inside thebody longer, but still appear in MRI’s. So far this application has been successfully tested in one rat. Wilson and others have begunto develop even more applications for the tiny little cages that could one day help revolutionizemedicine.

Engineering Uses

Nano stm

The Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) is one of the foremost tools in microscopy today; boasting the ability to to map out the topology of material surfaces at atomic resolution (i.e. on the order of 0.2 nanometers). The STM achieves this feat by bringing a needle point, functioning as a probe, within just several nanometers of a sample's surface. At these minute scales, even small disturbances can cause the tip to crach into the sample and deform itself. A possible solution to this problem would be the replacement of the standard needle point with a buckyball. As discussed previously, fullerenes bear amazing resilience due to their spherical geometry, and would resist distortions from such collisions.

Buckyballs in circuits

European scientists are aiming to use buckyballs in circuit. So far, they have been able to attach asingle fullerene to a copper surface, and then, through a process called shrink wrapping, fitted its center with a metal ion and madeit smaller to increases electric conductivity by a hundred times.


Because of their shapes, they could be used equivalently to ball bearings, and thus allow surfaces to roll overeach other, making the fullerenes equivalently lubricants


It has been shown that fitting a potassium ion in the buckyball causes it to become superconductive. Ways toexploit this are in the research stages.


Attaching metals onto the surface of fullerenes offers the possibility for buckyballs to becomecatalysts.


As we can see, we have come along way since that fateful year of 1985. Strides have been made. We have seen therise of nanotubes and the new science of Nanotechnology. We are still studying the chemical and physical properties of buckyballsand continue to be amazed. They have already proved to us why they are important; their possible uses in medicine and in engineeringare broad and profound, while the health risks they posed have yet to be fully analyzed. Only time will tell whether they will meet,or exceed our expectations as we unfold this brave new world.


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