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English first additional language

Grade 6

Module 28

To write a description of self

Activity 28

To write a description of self

[lo 4.1.2]

Before you begin, take a look at the people around you. Isn’t it amazing that not one of us is exactly the same? Not even identical twins. What a wonderful rainbow of people inhabits this world! Have you ever thought about how different we are on the inside too? How about taking a careful look at yourself to see just what makes you you! We are going to give you the opportunity to write down information about yourself. This will allow your educator to get to know you better. There may be some questions that you will really have to think about – have fun!

(Remember that your educator will be assessing your spelling and language and your neatness ― so work carefully.)

Complete the ‘this is me!’ questionnaire


Full name:____________







Now let’s go into a bit more detail…..

Tick the boxes that you think apply to you: I am . . .

tall brilliant generous lively
small stupid mean lazy
gorgeous cheerful friendly outrageous
hideous miserable shy ordinary

My best friends are:

My favourite colour is:

My favourite season is:

The animal I would like most for a pet is:

The best book I have ever read is:

The best film I have ever seen was:

The worst one was:

The best pop group in the world is:

Their best record is:

My best TV programme is:

My favourite sandwich is:

My pet hate is:

If I could have just one wish, it would be to:

The person I admire most is:

Things I want to achieve before I am 13:

The thing I am best at is:

Describing myself in three words:

Educator’s Assessment Chart:

Criteria 1 2 3 4
Spelling and punctuation Poor – difficult to decipher Reasonable Good – very few errors Excellent – no errors
Ability to communicate information Poor – unsure, needs constant assistance Fair Good – able to express thoughts Excellent – expresses thoughts creatively
Neatness Untidy Presentation reasonable Good presentation Excellent presentation; great care taken


LO 4
WRITING The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.
We know this when the learner:
4.1 writes to communicate information:
4.1.2 writes a description of a person, object or simple process;
4.1.4 expresses an opinion and gives reasons for it;
4.2 writes for social purposes:
4.2.2 identifies some differences between formal and informal style;
4.3 writes creatively:
4.3.1 shows development in the ability to write poems, stories, play scripts and dialogues (e.g. by using poetic devices).
4.5 understands the writing process and uses developing knowledge of language structure and use:
4.5.1 writes rough drafts, reads them critically, gets feedback from the teacher and classmates, and rewrites;
4.5.3 edits writing, using knowledge of structure (e.g. grammar, spelling, punctuation) and tools.


We begin in this activity by asking the learners to complete a table and some questions about themselves. This will force them to think about their opinions on things and give them an opportunity to express their like and dislikes. This will be valuable for you as the educator, as you will learn many things about your learners that you did not know. Read through the exercise with the class before allowing them to start so that they know exactly what is expected of them. Remind them they will be assessed on spelling and punctuation, and on neatness. Read through the rubric with them.

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