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The phylogenetic tree of primates shows the varying degrees of relatedness. The three main sub groups are the Hominidae, Platyrrhines, and Catarrhines

Other alarm call systems convey the degree of risk (Fischer et al, 2001). A system based on urgency has evolved in primates with only one escape strategy. These alarm calls differ in their frequency and duration, but don’t refer to any specific threat (Fischer et al, 2001). The South African chacma baboon has evolved a graded urgency system that allows it to respond with a quick escape from a high-risk situation, or perhaps ignore the warning when the risk is very small (Fischer et al, 2001).

Primate species that use specific alarm calls have also evolved calls that communicate directly with the predator (Zuberbühler 1999). These systems appear in species that face attack from predators that rely on surprise tactics. Alarm calls for ambushing predators are much louder and more conspicuous than those given in response to other types of predators, as if the primate is letting the predator know it’s been spotted and is now out of luck (Zuberbühler 1999).

Communication among primates

Comparison of Primate Communication Systems
Primate Species Type of call Sounds like Suggested Meaning Observable Response
Diana Monkeys ( Cercopithecus Diana ) clear call symmetric tonal call Signals the area is free of threats The monkeys responded with their own clear calls and continued their daily activities.
(Boxes A2-E4: Zuberbühler et al, 1997; Zuberbühler 2000) crowned-hawk eagle alarm call loud, shrill A crowned-hawk eagle has been spotted The monkeys descend from the treetops.
leopard alarm call loud, shrill, with many changes in frequency A leopard has been spotted The monkeys run into the treetops.
White-faced Capuchin ( Cebus capucinus ) aerial alarm call harsh, given in single bursts Signals that an aerial predator has been spotted The monkeys scanned the sky then retreated down the tree
(Boxes A5-E6: Digweed et al, 2005) alerting call bark-like, given in long bouts A more general signal for terrestrial predators; sometimes may also draw attention to non-predators that are causing a disturbance (better safe than sorry) The monkeys scanned the sky and then usually ran into the treetops; occasionally they would mob the predator
Chacma Baboons ( Papio cynocephalus ursinus ) contact bark tonal, clear bark These are the two extremes of the range of barks Chacma baboons possess. The contact barks signify there is no risk, while the alarm barks indicate a very threatening situation. There are intermediate barks that allow the baboons to express varying degrees of risk. The baboons ignore contact barks but investigate intermediate ones
(Boxes A7-E8: Fischer et al, 2001) alarm bark harsh, shrill bark Signify a high degree of risk The baboons fled to the trees
Vervet Monkeys ( Cercopithecus aethiops ) leopard alarm short tonal call A leopard has been spotted The monkeys ran up into the treetops
(Boxes A9-11E: Seyfarth et al, 1980; Seyfarth et al, 1986) eagle alarm low-pitched staccato grunts An eagle, or other aerial predator, has been spotted The monkeys scanned the sky and ran into dense brush
snake alarm high-pitched chutters A snake has been spotted The monkeys examined the ground around them
Moustached and Saddleback Tamarins ( Saguinus mystax and Saguinus fuscicollis ) aerial alarm call high frequency, staccato An aerial predator has been spotted The tamarins scanned the sky for the potential danger
(Boxes A12-E13: Kirchhof et al., 2006; Fichtel 2007) terrestrial alarm call low frequent, more drawn out A terrestrial predator has been spotted; this call is also sometimes used as an all purpose alert The tamarins scanned the ground for the potential danger and retreated into the treetops

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