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Fear - We are referring to fear of the material, of the teacher, of fellow students. Students express it in various ways; it is up to the teacherto read the signs. A climate of fear can be created - fear of being struck; fear of being embarrassed; fear of being excluded. Our responses are simple:children should never be hit - under any circumstances.

Flight - The students you do not remember, or the ones who cower in fear are the ones that suffer the most in social situations. They know how tohide or leave difficult situations. They are the ones who take it all out on themselves and who are impossible to arouse to learn if they are ignored. Theeffect of creating a welcoming learning atmosphere for all students, regardless of background, cannot be overestimated.

Fight - Disruptive students intimidate their teachers. They are often attacked themselves, either at home in their community, and this isoften all that they know. They withdraw their effort as a way of getting back or taking control. Often, the reaction of the teacher - if it is anger andpunishment - makes the situation worse.

Common behaviors and what you can do


Students who are bored will frequently look around the room. The source of their boredom is that the work is too easy or too hard, or itlacks relevance. To help the situation, position yourself where you can see most students. Learn how and why this is taking place; re-envision (or,"revise") the assignment.


For students who are frustrated, often the work is too difficult and others can do it easily. They usually are silent and make nocontribution. One thing you can do to help the situation is to move about thework area; create groups of students with different abilities; give praise or support; ask questions you believe struggling students are afraid toask.

Low Self Esteem

The origin of low self-esteem is many past failures. You'll notice students shut down. To help, ask good questions; supportindividual students; and spend extra time with students.

Neuro-linguistic programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies the structure of how humans think and experience the world. Obviously, the structure of something so subjective does not lend itself toprecise, statistical formulae but instead leads to models of how these things work. From these models, techniques for quickly and effectivelychanging thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that limit you have been developed.

Neuro-Linguistics : This article looks at the visual (sight), auditory (hearing), and kinesthetic (sensation and movement) features oflearning.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Choosing the Right Words : This article provides tools on how to use neuro-linguistic programming inthe service of effective classroom management.

PDF Versions below:


Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Choosing the Right Words

Successful practices

Successful teachers in classroom management exhibit the following:

  • Create an inclusive classroom in order to prevent unnecessary conflict and reduce physical and emotional violence.
  • Engage in hands-on, experiential activities focused on prevention and intervention.
  • Re-commit to the process and joy of stimulating young minds and building positive long-term relationships with learners.
  • Discover strategies to "create a space for listening" to increase students' sense of belonging and connection.
  • Help students re-evaluate their behaviors in relation to their own goals for creating inclusive classroom communities.
  • Understand the importance of conveying "high expectations."
  • Develop skills for "welcoming" and sending "positive invitations."
  • Develop a model discipline plan appropriate for the age of the students and in sync with educational philosophy.
  • Develop strategies for implementing the model discipline plan.
  • Develop appropriate rules, procedures, and routines for the classroom.

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