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Writing, presenting, discussion, and making posters can help students understand key course concepts or apply them to specific circumstances. While working with faculty in the schools of engineering and natural sciences at Rice University, instructors from the Cain Project in Engineering and Professional Communication have prepared assignments and supporting materials for communication instructions appropriate to specific fields. Some of these materials also explain techniques or situations that will be common in a specific field, such as designing legible graphics with software packaged, MATLAB, used in Chemical Engineering.

The materials listed below were designed for courses in specific departments, but they may be relevant to other courses as well. You may look for your own field in the grouped materials, but be sure to consider those labeled "general" or "professional" as well.


  • A Brief Introduction to Technical Style
  • A Guide to Writing a Recommendation Report
  • Basics of Negotiating: Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project Principles
  • Communicating Ethically
  • Displaying Data in Written Documents
  • Exercises in Evaluating Word Density in Slides
  • Giving Feedback on Students’ PowerPoints
  • Good Design in PowerPoint
  • Group Leader Handbook
  • Graphics Evaluation Form
  • How to Read a Scientific Article
  • How to Consult with a Writing Mentor: OWL-Space Scheduling
  • How to Work with Presentations Coaches
  • How to Work with Writing Mentors
  • In-House Memo Reports Reporting to Colleagues
  • Instructions for Using Calibrated Peer Review
  • Literature Review Introduction Sample
  • Managing Conflict in Teams: Switching to Successful Negotiation
  • Organizing an Analysis for a Review of Published Literature
  • Organizing an Argument for a Literature Review
  • Preparing and Delivering Oral Presentations
  • Presenting a Failure Analysis
  • Presenting a Technology Analysis
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Rules for the Use of Numbers in Scientific Writing
  • Sample Chemical Engineering Student Team PowerPoint for Analysis
  • Seven Ways to Motivate the Audience
  • Test Whether Your Poster Can Stand Alone
  • Working in Teams: A Brief Introduction
  • Writing Mentors


  • Communicating in Non-routine Situations
  • Dealing with Routine Situations
  • Guide to Communication and Corporate Culture
  • Presenting to Managers and Other Professionals
  • The Business Climate for Engineering Communication

Science and engineering


  • An Exercise in Evaluating Photo Backgrounds in Slides
  • Course Project: The Costs and Benefits of Building “Green" (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • CPR Questions for Poster Module
  • Instructions for Using Calibrated Peer Review
  • Poster Draft from Bioengineering’s Capstone Design Course (1)
  • Poster Draft from Bioengineering’s Capstone Design Course (2)
  • Poster Evaluation Form (Bioengineering Poster Assignment)
  • Poster Summarizing Results from HDF Survival and Function in vitro (Poster Assignment in Bioengineering)
  • SmartWhistle Poster Draft from Bioengineering’s Capstone Design Course
  • Team Presentations in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Write an Application Letter that Lands a Bioengineering Internship

Civil and environmental engineering

  • An Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Communication Materials
  • Evaluation Sheet for Project Presentations
  • Group Paper Assignment
  • Group Paper Proposal Assignment
  • Guide for Team Presentations
  • Literature Review Introduction Sample
  • Managing Conflict in Teams: Switching to Successful Negotiation
  • Organizing an Analysis for a Review of Published Literature
  • Organizing an Argument for a Literature Review
  • Project Proposal Evaluation Form
  • Sample Proposal #1
  • Sample Proposal #2


  • An Exercise in Evaluating Photo Backgrounds in Slides(Biosciences)
  • Assignment: Central Plant Flow Meter Report (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Project Assignment: Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures (Computer Science)
  • Sample Chemical Engineering Student Team PowerPoint for Analysis (Chemical Engineering)
  • Writing Assignment: Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami(Earth Science)

You may also wish to consult more general resources on communication:

  • Group or Team Communication Resources
  • Speaking and Oral Presentations Resources
  • Writing Resources
  • Visual Design, Poster, and PowerPoint Resources

You may possibly wish to search for

  • Discipline- or Field-Specific Graduate Course Communication Resources
  • Communication Evaluation and Planning Forms
  • Communication Teaching Resources: Assignments and Materials to Use in Class
  • Communication Teaching Resources: Integrating Communication Instruction into Courses
  • Communication Teaching Resources: Training Materials for Student Communication Mentors, Coaches, and Discussion Leaders
  • Resources for Professional Development and Communication
  • Resources on Thesis and Dissertation Preparation for Graduate Students

The preparation of these materials was funded through a generous grant from the Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation.

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nano basically means 10^(-9). nanometer is a unit to measure length.
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