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This presents us with a double bind; each user’s content is customised and there is a service expectation of 100% availability and responsiveness. In addition, we have issues of large scale and 24 x 7 availability we can see that constructing such a service is a serious web engineering exercise.

If you are not monitoring the service, then you are just running software.

It’s never good when the first person to tell you that your service has a problem is one of your consumers. Without appropriate monitoring software this will inevitably be the case, and in all probability they won’t tell you immediately.

So, the first key differentiator between a service and a system is Monitoring.

Choose the right tools.

When our service was first constructed a very expensive piece of software was purchased to perform availability monitoring, however, Mr. Heisenberg was forgotten and the load associated with that particular tool was sufficient to detrimentally impact the system. The tool itself was sold as the usual universal panacea, however, in implementation it was clear that its forte was component monitoring and not service monitoring.

Running a live system with this tool gave us all sorts of problems. The tool required agents on all machines and was really only designed around component availability and even then this was often measured from the wrong place (inside the firewall).

We took a look at the open source offerings available at that time and selected two.

Event monitoring

Nagios has won lots of awards. We use it to monitor events from two locations.

  • Our DMZ where it looks at all of our components every 90 seconds and critically has thresholds set for Green, Amber and Red. While most components in our large system are duplicated to provide resilience, it’s absolutely vital to know when one of your resilient components has failed in order to prevent a systems failure.
  • The public Internet. From this location, we can look at the service(s) from the perspective of the end user.

Nagios is used to provide event monitoring. Implementing such a tool is not to be undertaken lightly. Getting the sensitivity correct so as not to cry wolf, and embedding the culture such that when an alert is sent out, the operational staff respond rapidly is, in my opinion, more difficult than installing the system in the first place.

Trend and volume monitoring

The second open source monitoring tool we use provides trend monitoring, After looking around we found Cacti .

While Nagios tells us when we have a specific issue/problem, Cacti provides us with the information to understand or diagnose the root cause. In measuring volumes and their trends, Cacti allows us to look across the whole application stack at any point in time and examine critical volumes.

Cacti is used to measure volumes. If a system can return a number, Cacti can capture, store and trend it. These volumes can be business or technical volumes examples of which might include the number of users logged into the system over time or critical system volumes such as bandwidth, disk space, CPU, or Memory usage.

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