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Human activity can disrupt the natural balance of the water cycle. The buildup of salts that results from irrigating with groundwater can cause soil infertility and irrigation can also deplete underground aquifers causing land subsidence or salt water intrusion from the ocean. The clearing of land for farming, construction, or mining can increase surface runoff and erosion, thereby decreasing infiltration. Increasing human populations and their concentration in certain geographic localities will continue to stress water systems. Careful thought is needed on local, regional and global scales regarding the use and management of water resources for wetlands, agriculture, industry and home.

Carbon cycle

Carbon is the basic building block of all organic materials, and therefore, of living organisms. However, the vast majority of carbon resides as inorganic minerals in crustal rocks. Other reservoirs of carbon include the oceans and atmosphere. Several physical processes affect carbon as it moves from one reservoir to another. The inter-relationships of carbon and the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and crustal earth -- and the processes affecting it -- are described by the carbon cycle .

The carbon cycle is actually comprised of several inter-connected cycles. The overall effect is that carbon is constantly recycled in the dynamic processes taking place in the atmosphere, at the surface and in the crust of the earth. For example, the combustion of wood transfers carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is taken in by plants and converted to nutrients for growth and sustenance. Animals eat the plants for food and exhale carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when they breathe.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolves in the ocean where it eventually precipitates as carbonate in sediments. The ocean sediments are sub ducted by the actions of plate tectonics , melted and then returned to the surface during volcanic activity. Carbon dioxide gas is released into the atmosphere during volcanic eruptions. Some of the carbon atoms in your body today may long ago have resided in a dinosaur's body, or perhaps were once buried deep in the earth's crust as carbonate rock minerals.

The main carbon cycling processes involving living organisms are photosynthesis and respiration. These processes are actually reciprocal to one another with regard to the cycling of carbon: photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and respiration returns it. A significant disruption of one process can therefore affect the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

During a process called photosynthesis , raw materials are used to manufacture sugar. Photosynthesis occurs in the presence of chlorophyll , a green plant pigment that helps the plant utilize the energy from sunlight to drive the process. Although the overall process involves a series of reactions, the net reaction can be represented by the following:

The sugar provides a source of energy for other plant processes and is also used for synthesizing materials necessary for plant growth and maintenance. The net effect with regard to carbon is that it is removed from the atmosphere and incorporated into the plant as organic materials.

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