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TEM images of SWNT and DWCNTs. Parallel dark lines corresponds to (002) lattice image of graphite. (a) and (b) SWNTs have 1 layer graphene sheet, diameter 3.2 nm. (c) DWCNT, diameter 4.0 nm.

Graphene is a planar fullerene sheet. Until recently, Raman, AFM and optical microscopy (graphene on 300 nm SiO 2 wafer) were the most convenient methods to characterize samples. However, in order to confirm graphene’s atomic structure and determine the difference between mono-layer and bi-layer, TEM is still a good option. In [link] , a monolayer suspended graphene is observed with its atomic structure clearly shown. Inset is the FFT of the TEM image, which can be used as a filter to get an optimized structure image. High angle annular dark field (HAADF) image usually gives better contrast for different particles on it. It is also sensitive with changes of thickness, which allows a determination of the number of graphene layers.

HRTEM of monolayer graphene. (a) Bright filed. (b) High Angle Annular Dark Field. Courtesy of Dr M. H. Gass, adapted from M. H. Gass, U. Bangert, A. L. Bleloch, P. Wang, R. R. Nair, and A. K. Geim, Nature Nanotechnol. , 2008, 3 , 676.

Graphene stacking and edges direction

Like the situation in CNT, TEM image is a projected image. Therefore, even with exact count of edge lines, it is not possible to conclude that a sample is a single layer graphene or multi-layer. If folding graphene has AA stacking (one layer is superposed on the other), with a projected direction of [001], one image could not tell the thickness of graphene. In order to distinguish such a bilayer of graphene from a single layer of graphene, a series of tilting experiment must be done. Different stacking structures of graphene are shown in [link] a.

Theoretically, graphene has the potential for interesting edge effects. Based upon its sp 2 structure, its edge can be either that of a zigzag or armchair configuration. Each of these possess different electronic properties similar to that observed for CNTs. For both research and potential application, it is important to control the growth or cutting of graphene with one specific edge. But before testing its electronic properties, all the edges have to be identified, either by directly imaging with STM or by TEM. Detailed information of graphene edges can be obtained with HRTEM, simulated with fast fourier transform (FFT). In [link] b, armchair directions are marked with red arrow respectively. A clear model in [link] c shows a 30 degree angle between zigzag edge and armchair edge.

(a) Graphene stacking structure; (b) HRTEM image of graphene edges: zigzag and armchain (inset is FFT); (c) graphene edge model, a 30° angle between zigzag and armchair direction.


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