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Admi 4016 syllabus fall 2015

Environment of organization syllabus, spring 2016

Syllabi for admi 3009: introduction to business, management, and ethics

First class: student survey


On a sheet of paper answer the following questions. You may write in English or Spanish.

  1. Your name
  2. Your area of academic concentration or major
  3. Reason for taking this course (besides that it may be required for your area)
  4. Have you studied (business) ethics at this university or another university as (a) a freestanding course, (b) an out-of-curriculum activity (student association), (c) a module, unit or activity integrated into some other course
  5. How would you define business ethics?
  6. What do you expect to learn in this course?
  7. How, at this point, would you rate your communication skills? Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced?
  8. How would you rate your abilities in English regarding speaking, understanding, and writing? Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced?
  9. Describe what has been your worst experience working in a group or team. Why was it bad, difficult, or unsatisfying?
  10. What is the best educational experience you have had in the past, i.e., the one from which you have learned the most or learned something that matters greatly to you?

Case table and information

Table outlining cases and associated concepts

Adem statement of values

Presentation on values and contracts

Basic and intermediate moral concepts: summary tables

These tables provide summaries of basic moral concepts and intermediate moral concepts. These summaries need to be completed by seeing the concept in a specific case. Basic moral concepts include right, duty, virtue, good, and responsibility. These cut across different practical disciplines in which ethics enters such as business, engineering, and computing. Intermediate moral concepts are specific to a given practical discipline. In the Environment of the Organization, you will study privacy, intellectual property, free speech, responsibility, safety, corporate social responsibility, and responsible dissent. Privacy will be introduced in Toysmart but continue on through Biomatrix, Therac, Hughes, and Drummond. Free Speech will be explored in terms of transferring information in Toysmart, defamation in Biomatrix, informed consent in Therac, and responsible dissent in Hughes. These tables provide summaries to get you started on the concepts but a full understanding requires you see them in the context of a specific case.

Basic moral concepts for business

Intermediate moral concepts for business

Rubrics used in connexions modules published by author

Ethical theory rubric

This first rubric assesses essays that seek to integrate ethical theory into problem solving. It looks at a rights based approach consistent with deontology, a consequentialist approach consistent with utilitarianism, and virtue ethics. The overall context is a question presenting a decision scenario followed by possible solutions. The point of the essay is to evaluate a solution in terms of a given ethical theory.

Questions & Answers

What is demand
TECK Reply
the amount of a good that buyers are willing and able to purchase
what is population
Amadou Reply
The people living within a political or geographical boundary.
what happens to price and quantity when demand curves shift to the right
Asha Reply
price level goes up. quantity demand increases
example- inferior goods
demand law
Its states that higher the price the of the commodity, and lower the quantity demanded
I am confused but quantity demand will increase.
No. That's the law of supply
the price goes down and quantity demanded increases
Price goes down Demand quantity increases
choice arises because of scarcity of resources
what happens to price and quantity when supply curve shifts left?
Asha Reply
price level will increase
quantity demand will decrease
what is inflation
Pop Reply
inflation is a general and ongoing rise in the level of prices in an entire economy.
is the pasistance increase in the price of a country economy
how does inflation affects the economy of a country? what is deflation?
deflation can simply be define as the persistence decrease in price of a countrys economy
the revenge of malthus relates "revenge" with "commodity prices". collect data for 3 commodoties and check their price evolution
Jamshi Reply
what is elasticity
dubela Reply
Elasticity is an economics concept that measures responsiveness of one variable to changes in another variable.
Computer software represents
Mboledi Reply
पर्यावरण राज्यों में से किस राज्य में शिष्य शिक्षक अनुपात 30 से अधिक वाले विद्यालयों का प्रतिशत न्यूनतम होता है
plz Reply
Hey what are you trying to mean?
what is Asset
like a banana
demand is the process whereby consumers are willing and able to purchase a particular product at various price over a given period of time
Samuel Reply
The law of dinimish
Frank Reply
What is the law of dinimish
What is the law of dinimish
What is the law of dinimish
opportunity cost is to forgo something for another.
jackie Reply
what is financial market
Asheeru Reply
what is demand
Levinel Reply
Demand is an economic principle referring to a consumer's desire to purchase goods and services and willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service.
explain any three exceptions to the law of demand
Emma Reply
Inflation occurs in a country due to what causes?
Daniel Reply
Difference between extinct and extici spicies
Amanpreet Reply
Got questions? Join the online conversation and get instant answers!
Jobilize.com Reply

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