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Overlapped text

PFont fonte; /*The font have been previously createdin the data folder*/ fonte = loadFont("HoeflerText-Black-48.vlw");textFont(fonte, 12); fill(10, 20, 250, 80);textAlign(RIGHT); text("pippo pippo non lo sa", 10, 14, 35, 70);textFont(fonte, 24); fill(200, 0, 0, 100);text("ppnls", 25, 5, 50, 90);
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Processing allows a tight control of the spatial occupation of characters and of the distance betweencontiguous characters (see [link] ). The function textWidth() computes the horizontal extension of a character or a string. It can be used, together with the exact coordinatespassed to text() , to control the kerning and the tracking between characters. The textSize() allows to redefine the size of characters. The textLeading() re-defines the distance in pixels between adjacent text lines. This distance is measured betweenthe baselines of the strings of characters. Letters such as "p" or "q" extend below thebaseline for a number of pixels that can be obtained with the textDescent() . Instead, the textAscent() gives back the maximum extension above the baseline (typically, the height of the letter"d").

Typeface metrics

Typeface metrics

Auditory elements


Untill version beta 112, Processing gave the possibility to program several audiofunctionalities by means of some core primitives. In those older versions only two basic primitives are available to playback andload .wav files. In more recent versions, Processing delegate sound management and processing functionalities to external libraries . The most used libraries are Ess , Sonia , and Minim . Only the latter is included in the base installation of Processing. Essand Sonia need an explicit installation process. Recently, a well-structured and documented Java library called Beads has also been introduced. It is well suited to the construction ofaudio-processing algorithms based on chains of base objects. As in the case of images, in order to process and playback sounds the source files have to be stored in the data folder of the current sketch. The library Sonia is the most complex one. With its functions, one can do sample playback , realtime Fourier-based spectral analysis, .wav file saving. In order to use the Sonia library, the programmer has to download the .zip file from Sonia . Once decompressed, the directory Sonia_?_? has to be copied into the directory Processing/libraries . Finally, the command import has to be inserted into the code by selecting it from the menu item Sketch / Import Library / Sonia_?_? .

In order to run the applets produced with Sonia from a web browser, the Phil Burk's JSyn plugin has to bedownloaded and installed from the site (External Link) .
The library Minim , based on Java Sound , is more user-friendly, well-documented and recommended, if one wants to work with sounds employing high-level primitives, without dealing with low-level numerical details and buffer management.


In this section, we first use then analyze an application for theexploration of timbres, similar in conception to the Color Chooser of [link] , and here called Sound Chooser. For the moment, let us think about a sound timbre inanalogy with color in images. For example, the various instruments of the orchestra have different and characterizing timbres (colors). Later on, wewill define the physical and perceptual aspects of timbre more accurately. In the Sound Chooser applet, four sounds withdifferent timbres can be played by clicking onto one of the marked radii. Each radius corresponds to a musical instrument(timbre/color). By changing position along the radius it is possible to hear how the brightness is changed. Moreprecisely, as long as we proceed toward the centre, the sounds gets poorer.

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