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Materials Tools Action

Assignment 7:

[lo 1.11]

To compile a list of safety measures

List a few safety rules that you should have obeyed when you’ve used a specific tool while making your trinket box.

Example: scissors – carry with the sharp side facing downwards.


Assignment 8:

[lo 1.7, 1.8]

To make a lid for your treasure chest

Design and draw different types for lids for your treasure chest in isometric. Use the 30° graph paper. Make a final choice by making a correct sign with that drawing. Also give valid reasons for your choice. Draw the lid in an open and closed position in isometric.

First designs:


Final choice:

Closed position


Assignment 9:

[lo 1.10]

To reinforce the inside of your box with cardboard

Take cardboard and measure out the five sides of the box. Cut it out and glue them to the insides of the box to reinforce it. Are all the insides of even sizes? Explain.


Assignment 10:

[lo 1.4]

To use a explanatory dictionary

Look up the word HINGE in the explanatory dictionary and write down its meaning.

Assignment 11:

[lo 1.4]

Look around you and make drawings of different hinges in the space below. Write where you saw each hinge on the dotted line below each drawing.


Different ways of attaching the lid by using a hinge.

Assignment 12:

[lo 1.5]

To attach a lid

Draw sketches or paste pictures with labels of different ways of attaching the lid by using a hinge. Mark off your final choice.


Reinforce the outside of your box.

Assignment 13:

To reinforce your box

Take the 40 wooden sucker sticks and plan how you are going to glue them to the outside of your box. The whole outside, except the bottom of the box, should be covered with sticks. You are allowed to use less than 40 sticks and you are allowed to saw some of the sticks to cover the whole outside (also the lid).


Assignment 14:

[lo 1.10]

Attach the lid as well as the wooden sticks to the outside of the box. Work neatly and sparingly with the glue. Cut the sticks shorter with a craft knife and safety ruler on a suitable surface. Be careful not to hurt yourself. Snap the sticks by cutting one side, folding them over, cut the other side and snapping them individually. Sand the edges with sandpaper before you glue them onto the box. Position the sticks and paste them together with masking tape if you need to cut a lot of sticks the same length.


Assignment 15:

[lo 1.8]

Draw or paste pictures of different types of closing meganisms. Add labels.

Decorate the outside of your box by spraying.

Assignment 16:

[lo 1.10]

To decorate your box

Decorate the outside of your box by spraying/ printing a pattern/ sandblasting/ wire brushing/ painting it and varnishing it. Decorate it any way you wish. Add the closing mechanism and glue some material to the inside of your trinket box.


Assignment 17:

[lo 1.14]

Sketch the finished model/product in colour and in isometric. Use the 30° graph paper.

Assignment 18:

[lo 1.14]

Make an orthographic drawing (3 elevations) of your finished product. Indicate the exact measurements (height, length, width, radius, diameter of lid).

  • Overhead elevation
  • Front elevation
  • Side elevation


Learning outcomes (LOs)
Lo 1
Technological processes and skillsThe learner will be able to apply technological processes and skills ethically and responsibly using appropriate information and communication technology.
Assessment standards (ASs)
We know this when the learner:
investigate :
1.4 during investigations, plans a strategy for collecting data and information.
design :
1.5 writes or communicates a short and clear statement or a design brief for development of a product or system related to a given problem, need or opportunity;
1.6 lists product and design specifications and constraints for a solution to a given problem, need or opportunity based on some of the design key words.
1.7 generates at least two alternative solutions and annotates the ideas;
1.8 chooses possible solutions, gives sensible reasons for choice, and develops a chosen idea using graphics or modelling techniques;
make :
1.9 develops a plan for making details .
1.10 chooses and uses appropriate tools and materials to make products by measuring, marking, cutting or separating, shaping or forming, joining or combining, and finishing different materials with some accuracy;
1.11 use safe working practices and shows awareness of efficient ways of using materials and tools;
evaluate :
1.12 evaluates the product or system based on criteria linked directly to the design brief and some of the specifications and constraints, and suggests improvements or modifications;
1.14 presents ideas (in a project portfolio) using two-dimensional or three-dimensional sketches, circuit idagrams or systems diagrams.
LO 2
TECHNOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING The learner will be able to undertsand and apply relevant technological knowledge ethically and responsibly.
Assessment standards (ASs)
We know this when the learner:
2.1 demonstrates knowledge and understanding of structures.
processing :2.2 demonstrates knowledge and understanding of how materials can be processed to change or improve properties (e.g. strength, fire resistance, waterproofing, taste, volume, texture).
We know this when the learner:
impact of Technology:
3.2 expresses some reasons why products of technology affect the quality of people’s lives positively and negatively.

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