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Lisa, his sister was still asleep. He began dressing, while his mom heated the water. He finished dressing and got his own breakfast. Lisa stretched and yawned. She was in Grade 1. They were given breakfast at school, so she was able to sleep later and dress while he was having breakfast. It was not fair.*

The day did not get any better. His homework book was not signed and he was caught talking in class. At break he discovered he had left his lunch at home and no one wanted to share with him. Lisa saw him and gave him a sandwich. He still wanted to be cross with her, so it was horrible to have to thank her. *

After school he rushed home to say goodbye to his mother. She was on night duty at the hospital in town. She would be catching the taxi into town. His father worked in the big city and he only saw him once a month. Mom was waiting for him. “You have to look after Lisa today. Granny is not feeling well.” “But, Mom, it’s soccer practice. The coach is choosing the team for Saturday,” Anati cried.

Mom was sympathetic. “Can’t you just take Lisa with you? I have to go back to work and I can’t take Lisa there.”

“I always have to look after her! It’s not fair. She never listens to me and the other guys will tease me. I’ll be the only one with a little sister following me around.”*

“I’ll speak to her.” said his mother. “She must also be more responsible now that she is in Grade 1. When you come home, go past Granny’s house. Make sure she has everything she needs; water and candles (in case the electricity fails) and she can check your homework for you.”

Lisa trailed after Anati. She hated watching the soccer. She would rather play outside the house with her friends. No one had a fence around their house, so all the children played together. She did not understand why she couldn’t just stay and play outside their house. Anati also thought that was a good idea, but his mom was so fussy and never let her play there unless she knew there was an adult in the area.

Pretty soon Anati was involved in his soccer game. He concentrated hard and soon forgot about Lisa and all his morning’s worries. Lisa was bored. The school was just across the road from their house. She could see her friends playing. They were skipping. It was so close. Lisa jumped up. Anati would never miss her. She ran to join her friends. *

At the end of the practice, the team was announced. The players raised “High Five “ and punched the air. Anati looked around to share his success with Lisa. She was not there. Frantically his eyes swept the field - no sign of her. He began to trot off in search of her.

The coach was dismissing the boys. “.......and all those involved in Saturday’s game stay behind to discuss..... Hey Anati! All those involved in Saturday’s game need to stay behind.’

“Yes sir. I....” Anati hesitated. He looked back, still searching for Lisa. “It’s just I have to look for my sister. I’m sorry ,sir. Maybe you’ll have to choose someone else.” He raced away, all thoughts of soccer driven from his mind. Where was Lisa? All he could see was her little round face, a little sad, as she offered him her sandwich that morning.

He looked around the school buildings in case she had wandered in that direction. Then he crossed the road and went to their house. It was nearly five o’clock and getting dark. There were still lots of children playing in the ground in front of the houses and a few were gathered round puddles, playing in the mud. Just then he heard his name called and as he turned a mud ball hit him on the chest. Lisa’s familiar laugh rang out loudly. “Got you !”

Anati stared at her a few seconds. “What a relief!” he thought. Then before he could stop himself he ran up to her and gave her a fierce hug. “Sometimes, little sister, I could just kill you!” Out of the corner of his eye he saw the coach’s car pulling out of the school grounds. He ran to the road and waved him down as he drove past.

“Coach, I’m sorry, but I just had to check on Lisa.”

“ I’m sorry too, Anati. Teams depend on loyalty and discipline.” The coach saw how disappointed Anati was. ”You can be on the bench on Saturday. I can see that you’re very loyal to your sister - now just do the same for your team.”

At least he was still a reserve! Lisa joined him at the car. And the coach added,

“Your brother loves you very much. I hope you’ll come and support him when he plays for our school and please stay and watch until the end!”

Anati and the coach laughed and Lisa looked a little embarrassed. The coach drove away. Lisa reached for Anati’s hand and this time he held it tightly and together they walked to their grandmother’s house.

LO 1.1 LO 1.3

How well did you listen?

  • Number the pictures to show the correct sequence of the story.
LO 1.2 LO 1.3.7 LO 2.4.2 LO 5.2.1


Learning Outcome 1: LISTENING : The learner is able to listen for information and enjoyment and respond appropriately and critically in a wider range of situations.

Assessment Standard 1.1: We know this when the learner listens attentively to questions, instructions and announcements, and responds appropriately:

Assessment Standard 1.2: We know this when the learner demonstrates appropriate listening behaviour by listening without interrupting, showing respect for the speaker, and taking turns to speak;

Learning Outcome 2: SPEAKING : The learner is able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations.

Assessment Standard 2.4: We know this when the learner contributes to class and group discussions

2.4.2 takes turns and asks relevant questions;

Learning Outcome 5: THINKING AND REASONING : The learner is able to use language to think and reason, and access, process and use information for learning.

Assessment Standard 5.2: We know this when the learner uses language to think and reason:

5.2.1 understands and uses language for logic and reasoning (e.g. such as cause and effect).

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