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English first additional language

Grade 6

Module 3

Expanding your vocabulary of common spoken words

Activity 1:

To expand vocabulary of common spoken words

[lo 6.4.4]


Do you know how to fix a puncture? If you do, you should not have any difficulty with this exercise. If you have never had to fix a puncture before, this exercise will help you learn what you should do. It will also help you learn the correct vocabulary to use when talking about bicycles and punctures. The pictures are there to help you, so study them carefully. Fill the missing words in on the lines provided.

First check the valve . Wet your finger and put it on the________ . If you see a_______ , the valve is leaking. You may need to buy a new tube .

Take the ________ off the bike. Let the tyre down. Do this by taking

the valve out or pushing down the centre pin .

Pinch the tyre away from the _________ . Do this all the way round the wheel.

Put a tyre lever between the rim and the tyre. Put another __________

a bit further round. Lever the tyre off the rim. Use levers to free a

third of the tyre. The rest can be done by hand.

Take the inner tube out. Look for the __________ .

If you cannot see one, put the tube in some _______. Bubbles will come

out from the hole. Put your finger over the hole. Mark it with some


Roughen the place around the hole with_________ .

Spread rubber cement around the hole. Wait until the cement is

tacky. Cut a________ of the right size.

Take the backing paper off the patch . Put the patch over the hole

and _______ hard.

Cover the patch with______ to dry the uncovered cement.

_____ that there is nothing sharp inside the tyre.

Pump a little air into the______.

Push the tube into the tyre.

Pull the valve through the hole in the wheel rim .

Push the tyre _____ the wheel rim. Start at the valve. Do this on

both sides. The second side will be much more difficult. Try not to

use levers because they might ______ the inner tube.

Fix the valve in place with the valve nut.

Put the ______ back on the bike.


LO 6
LANGUAGE STRUCTURE AND USE The learner will know and be able to use the sounds, words and grammar of the language to create and interpret texts.
We know this when the learner:
6.4 develops own vocabulary.
6.4.2 recognises words which sound the same but are spelled differently;
6.4.3 recognises words which are often confused;
6.4.4 understands between 4 000 and 5 500 common spoken words in context by the end of grade 6.

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