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Activity 5:

To use communication networks for global research

[lo 2.2]

The enormous expansion of communication networks over the past few years can be applied for further global research on the agricultural sector. Fortunately information on the cultivation of a specific plant can be shared worldwide with other farmers who wish to plant similar crops, or who experience similar problems.

  1. Write a science fiction story or drama about what would happen if agriculture were to disappear, and land is used only for industrial purposes or housing.
  2. Have you noticed if the agricultural sector in your area is endangered in any way?
  3. Why do people sometimes sell their valuable agricultural land?

Activity 6:

To establish if people are aware of aspects that impact negatively on the environment

[lo 2.2]

Environmental aspects that urgently need to be addressed, include poverty, deterioration of the environment, the erosion of genetic resources, as well as uncertainty around the availability of food. These factors influence a country’s development negatively and they are a disadvantage to the inhabitants. These factors do not change of their own accord. The inhabitants of each country must be made aware of these issues and they must have a desire to do something about it. Every person should develop a “green conscience”.

  1. How do you understand the expression “green conscience”?
  2. How can you contribute towards combatting these aspects that have such a negative impact on the environment?

Activity 7:

To discuss scientific development which ensures that food production remains in line with the population growth

[lo 2.3]

Science is regarded as an important factor in solving the problems already mentioned. Recently there were three important scientific developments that may help to ensure that food production remains in line with the population growth:

- The responsible use of bio-technology (no excessive or harmful use of fertilizers, toxic substances, genetic manipulation, etc).

- Better management and control of the natural resources (protection, conservation and development of water, land, trees, plants and crops).

- Application of the information revolution (the application of new information and findings that become available).

Give examples of the above to show that this knowledge can be applied in practice in order to make a difference.


Learning outcomes (LO)
LO 1
GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH The learner can apply research skills to study geographical and environmental concepts and processes.
Assessment standards(AS)
This is clear when the learner:
1.3 analyses and makes inferences from sources such as photo’s, maps, atlases, graphs and statistics [working with sources];
1.5 recognises information in the field and records it [working with sources];
1.7 reports and formulates knowledge obtained during the research by means of an argument and interpretation based on sources of information; uses maps, diagrams and graphics; uses, where necessary, computers in the presentation [communicating the answer].
LO 2
GEOGRAPHICAL KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING The learner can demonstrate geographical and environmental knowledge and understanding.
This is clear when the learner:
2.1 gives a well-argued explanation of some approaches to development [people and places];
2.2 identifies ways in which Science and Technology have a positive and a negative influence on development [people and resources];
2.3 explains how sustainable [people and environment development can have a positive influence on people, places and environments].

L O 3

EXPLORING THE ISSUES The learner can take informed decisions on social and environmental issues and problems

This is clear when the learner:

  1. identifies social and environmental conflicts in South Africa and compares it with other contexts [identifies the issue];

3.2 identifies factors that have an influence on selected social and environmental disputes, including those regarding rights; gender; social, economical and political claims within a specific context [factors affecting the issues];

  1. analyses the reason for disputes or conflicts [makes choices];

3.4 takes informed decisions on various solutions to social and environmental conflicts [makes choices].



d) - Research purposes

- Preservation of the different species

- Conservation for posterity

- Ethic as well as aesthetic reasons


It means that the discerning use of pesticides contains major advantages for the agricultural sector, but the indiscriminate use unfortunately can cause great damage to ecosystems.

How does it work? Ecosystems consist of different food chains and food webs. Your teacher will explain it to you.

These food chains consist of different trophic levels.

EXAMPLE : grass - sheep - man


grass - locust – frog - snake - vulture

The pesticides are applied to the plants to exterminate the locust plague. Frogs then eat the poisoned locusts and in turn they are poisoned, etc. In this way the poison spreads through the

trophic levels until the birds of prey are exterminated. It is a known fact that pesticides are becoming more concentrated as they move upwards through the trophic levels.

  • In this manner a whole ecosystem can be destroyed.
  • Soil can be contaminated by the rotting carcases.
  • Water sources can become polluted.
  • Other creatures can now pester farmers because the birds of prey have been exterminated.


  1. Yes
  2. Yes


c) - Negative factors such as farm murders, high input costs of farming, over- production, low value of the rand, low prices of agricultural produce, lack of services, etc.

- Make a profit

- Urbanisation


  1. Must be aware of the importance of the preservation of vegetation, animal life, ecosystems, etc. Be aware of conservation.
  • Do not pollute
  • Do not waste
  • Recycling
  • Saving
  • Educational programmes

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