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Arts and culture

Grade 4

Creating, interpreting and performing

Module 22

Drama: we perform

We perform

Activity 1

To use voice and body in drama [lo 1.4]

  • After your warm-up you will be prepared to enjoy the next activity. Yes, we are going to play at acting. At last!

Exercise 1: improvisation without speech

  • The class will be divided into groups of six – eight.
  • Each group has about two minutes to choose their favourite Fairy Tale.
  • Each member of the group must choose a character in the Fairy Tale they have chosen.
  • Select one scene from the Fairy Tale.
  • Improvise your scene (without the use of dialogue or sound) to the rest of the class.
  • Now guess the Fairy Tale and identify the characters of other groups.
  • Choose the ‘winning’ group and the best character after all the groups have performed their Fairy Tales. Give reasons for your choice.

Exercise 2: improvisation with speech

  • Perform the same scenes with the same characters, but this time add speech.
  • Perform your scenes to the rest of the class.
  • Choose a ‘winning scene’ and a ‘winning character’ after the performances have taken place.

Activity 2

To make use of costume props to tell a story and portray characters: thunder and lightning [lo 1.5]

  • With this next activity we shall be exploring a myth from Nigeria. Your educator will read the story to you - twice. Listen attentively and try to visualise the story as it is read to you.

The story of thunder and lightning

Long ago Thunder and Lightning lived on earth among the people. Thunder and Lightning were sheep; Thunder was the mother and Lightning was her son, a ram. These two animals were not popular among the people, as Lightning was always looking for trouble. As soon as they disagreed with him, he became furious and set everything around him on fire, even the huts and trees. 1 In this way he often destroyed the harvest on farms, and occasionally even people who were in his way were killed.

As soon as Thunder discovered that Lightning behaved in such a manner, she shouted at him as loudly as she could - this was very, very loud! 2 Each time this happened, the neighbours became very upset: first about the damage caused by Lightning and secondly about the unbearable noise from his mother which always followed his outbursts. 3

The villagers often complained to the king, until the king eventually sent these two to the outskirts of the village informing them that they may no longer have any contact with the inhabitants. 4 This however did not help, as Lightning was still able to see the inhabitants walking around and could still bother them. 5 6 7

The king commanded them to appear before him: 8 "I have given you several chances for a better life, but I see that it is hopeless. You will leave our village and go and live in the wild bush. We never want to see you here again.”

Thunder and Lightning had no choice but to obey the king and to accept the king's decision. They left the village, but remained angry with the inhabitants.

A great deal of trouble still awaited the inhabitants.

Lightning was so angry that he had been banned, that he set the whole bush alight. As it was very dry, the flames spread to the adjacent little farms and even to some of the huts. 9 Once again, the people were desperate. They heard his mother's mighty voice trying to stop her son, but as always it was too late, as the damage had already been done.

The king called all his counsellors together to ask for help. After a long debate, they eventually came up with an idea. They decided to ban both Thunder and Lightning off the face of the earth. They had to go and live in the sky. This, the king told them. Thus they were sent off to live in the sky where they could not harm the people. At least this is what they hoped!

But things did not quite work out this way.

Lightning still loses his temper and from time to time cannot resist sending fire to the earth. Then you can hear his mother's loud, rumbling reprimand.


  • Your educator will read the myth out loud to you.
  • Your educator will write down the different characters on the board.
  • Volunteer a role you would like to play.
  • Learners without any characters from this myth, should choose any animal to portray.
  • Explore the characters using the following guidelines:

E lements of characterisation

  • Action: What am I doing?
  • Volition: Why am I doing it?
  • Adjustment: How am I doing it?

E xternal attributes of characterisation

  • the body ( Is the character young, old, fat, crippled, …?)
  • the voice (shrill, deep, old, childlike, …)
  • the face (narrow eyes, nervous twitch, evil, good…)
  • the attitude (self confident, nervous, insecure, in charge…)
  • the props ( glasses, tiara, walking stick, fan …)
  • the costume (evening gown, tuxedo, rags, track suit….)
  • the make-up ( bearded, fantastic, aged…)

Creating a play

  • Listen to the myth again.
  • Visualise your character in the story.
  • Create a short play by using the following guidelines:
  • divide the myth up into scenes
  • identify the settings of each scene
  • identify the storyline of the play
  • select the dialogue for the characters
  • suggest extra dialogue for the “animals” that have been added to the myth
  • improvise the scenes without the ‘script’
  • use some of the scripted dialogue for the next rehearsal
  • be creative, and improvise
  • consider props, costumes and make-up


LEARNING OUTCOME 1: CREATING, INTERPRETING AND PRESENTING The learner will be able to create, interpret and present work in each of the art forms.

Assessment standard

We know this when the learner:

  • uses the voice and body imaginatively in drama exercises and games;
  • makes use of hand or costume props, puppets, masks or other external resources to tell stories and portray characters.

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