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 The opposite is true of the country to which these people migrate. Immigrants of this calibre are an asset to their new country.

 Could this be the reason why the population of the USA is so enterprising?

2. Wars and upheavals in the Great Lake area and how conflict and war affect the population of the countries of central Africa

War is the most important event that disrupts populations, and obstructs development.

During the last four decades Africa lost approximately eight million people in violent conflict situations during thirty civil wars. Since the beginning of the nineties of the previous century more than four million people died, 24 million were uprooted in their own countries and 18 million fled across the borders of their country.

The countries of the Great Lakes area were affected the most.

  • October 1993: a war broke out in Burundi in which as many as 300 000 people would die during the following ten years. 840 000 citizens of Burundi lived as refugees in neighbouring countries by 2002, mostly in Tanzania. The Tanzanians who experienced a shortage of resources, were not very pleased with the situation.
  • 1994: War broke out in Rwanda between the Tutsies and Hutus (the same two ethnic groups who also fought against each other in the neighbouring Burundi). Eventually approximately 500 000 people died in Rwanda before peace was made.
  • 1998: Soldiers from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda attacked the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In the war that ensued 3,3 million people were killed.

Activity 3:

To do research on the effects of conflict and war on populations in central africa

[lo 1.5]

Research the following and complete:

a) The following lakes of Central Africa are called the Great Lakes because of their size:

b) The states situated in this area are:

Conflict and war in Central Africa are responsible for more than the loss of lives:

  • During a state of war or civil war, medical services and drought relief cannot be executed efficiently where the need arises. The result is that famine and disease take a bigger toll than in times of peace!
  • Thousands of children are orphaned.
  • Children often serve as soldiers.
  • Human rights are violated as a matter of course.
  • Millions of people end up in refugee camps for years.
  • Economies suffer, because funds are used for war purposes instead of development.
  • Infrastructures are destroyed.
  • Agricultural development comes to a standstill.
  • As a consequence of these wars, the biggest future threat to the countries in question is probably the large number of youths who are left without schooling, jobs or any expectations for the future. This is an extremely dangerous situation!

Activity 4:

To give an informed description of the effects of war on the population

[lo 3.4]

  • Once war and conflict ends, a country must rescue what is left!

a) Using the above information, take your time to think on these matters. Add your personal insights and describe the population of a country at the end of a twenty year period of armed conflict.

b) If you were the secretary general of the United Nations, what would you do to prevent this type of war (and its consequences) in Africa?

c) You are the minister of population development and education of a country when a twenty year period of war has come to an end. What steps would you take to counter the damaging effects of war on the population to the best of your ability?


Learning Outcomes(LOs)
LO 1
GEOGRAPHICAL ENQUIRYThe learner will be able to use enquiry skills to investigate geographical and environmental concepts and processes.
Assessment standards(ASe)
We know this when the learner:
1.2 organises and interprets information relevant to the enquiry from simple graphs, maps, and statistical sources [works with sources];
1.5 uses information to suggest answers, propose alternatives and possible solutions [answers the question];
1.6 reports on the inquiry using evidence from the sources including maps, diagrams and graphics; where possible uses computers in the presentation [communicates the answer].
LO 3
EXPLORING ISSUESThe learner will be able to make informed decisions about social and environmental issues and problems.
We know this when the learner:
3.1 identifies challenges to societies and settlements, with focus on population growth and change [identifies the issue];
3.2 identifies the factors that contribute to population growth and change [factors affecting the issue];
3.3 identifies processes that affect population growth and change in various places [factors affecting the issue];
3.4 suggests ways of responding to issues associated with population growth and change in a particular context [makes choices].





Activity 2:

a) b

b) c

c) b

d) a

e) b

f) a

g) c

h) a

i) b

Activity 3:

a) Great Lakes: Victoria






b) Countries in the region: Kenya





Activity 4:

a) disrupted families: breadwinner absent, orphans

children who did service as soldiers, cannot be “normal”

people not equipped for the future: few skills or education

b) send a peace task force to the region

try to negotiate a long term political solution

offer development aid: develop resources so that people/countries are not forced to loot and plunder for survival

c) take care of orphans

“re-educate” the child soldiers

allow people to develop various skills

do everything possible to create jobs

supply suitable accommodation (where parental education can take place)

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