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“It shows we can work together to make this happen. Government must remedy past violations of human rights.

“We all suffered substantial losses when our land was stolen – we got peanuts for our land and property,” he said.

Another land claimant, Abdul K Ahmed, said he hoped the Government would not make a mockery of the restitution process.

“It must carry out its moral duty to the victims of forced removal and ensure that former landowners are justly and equitably compensated,” he said.

Mr Ebrahim said Mr Nagia, who also heads the District Six Civic Association, was the right person to drive the community redevelopment of District Six.

“He has always tried to bring everybody together and to understand all the disputes. He is one of the old fighters of District Six,” he said.


Nazma Dreyer

The first two District Six land restitution residents will return to Chapel Street on February 11 – on the anniversary of the day on which the apartheid government declared the area white in 1966.

Ebrahiem Murat, 87, of Retreat and Dan Mdzabela, 82, of Gugulethu will be going back to the place they call home, and their houses are nearly complete. Murat will be moving into 8 Chapel Street and Mdzabela will be right next door in number six.

An elated Murat said: “I am so glad to be moving out of Retreat and back to District Six.”

Before moving to retreat over 20 years ago, Murat lived in Lavender Hills for six years. He will be moving into his new home with his daughter and four grandchildren.

With sadness in his voice, he said his wife, who was looking forward to moving back to District Six, died in July last year.

Murat said he was born in District Six’s Lisa Street – “a small street with a handful of houses”.

“We were 19 children and were all born there. My mother had many sets of twins. I had two sets of twins of my own, but one set died. Now I have four girls and two boys. The twins are 50 years old.”

Asked what the best thing about moving would be, Murat said: “I can’t wait to get out of Retreat because I don’t like using the taxis where people have to sit like sardines.”

Murat religiously travels from Retreat to the city centre by train and taxi to do his grocery shopping every month.

“When I move to District Six, I won’t have to worry about travelling far to do my shopping in town.”

Mdzabela was forced out of his Wicht Street home in District Six in 1959 where his four children were born. “I am happy to be going back,” said Mdzabela, who will return with his wife and grandchildren.

The District Six Beneficiaries Trust secretary Abdurahman Parker said that of the nine houses to be completed in April, two would be finished by February 11 to commemorate the day the area was declared white in terms of the Group Areas Act.

The two oldest beneficiaries – Mdzabela and Murat – would move in on that day.

Said Parker: “Eviction notices were received by District Six residents on February 11 as well, and that is why this date is so significant to us.”

He said each year a candle-light vigil was held in the area on February 11 by the District Six Museum, District Six Civic Association, District Six Beneficiaries Trust and other organisations.

“This year is going to be historic because the first people will return to their homes.”

About 4 000 homes will be built in District Six within the next three years as part of restitution, said Parker.

The first phase started recently with 24 homes being built, nine of which were to be completed by April.

In which city is/was District Six situated?

In approximately which year were the residents of District Six evicted from the area?

Which cultural group mainly lived in District Six?

Approximately how many people were evicted from District?

Would you describe this move as a positive or negative experience for the residents?

Why is February 11 considered to be a dark day in the lives of the people who lived in District Six?

Were the residents of District Six happy with their circumstances?

Activity 2:

To compile a flow diagram

[lo 1.7]

Use a flow diagram to depict the factors (natural and human) that contributed to the distribution of the population.


LO 1


The learner will be able to use enquiry skills to investigate geographical and environmental concepts and processes.

We know this when the learner:

1.1 with guidance, selects and uses sources of useful geographical information [finds sources];

1.2 distinguishes between facts and opinions [works with sources];

1.3 categorises information [works with sources];

1.4 uses an index to find places on global atlas maps [works with sources];

1.6 identifies and explores possible solutions to problems [answers the question];

1.7 demonstrates knowledge and under-standing of the issue through projects, discussion, debate and charts [communicates the answer].

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