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Your educator will explain these portfolios to you. What department would you like to explore and be involved in? Or would you like to be one of the contestants, presenters or judges? You choose!

To set this whole project into motion we need a script.

The Script

  • Discuss, compile, devise and write a script for the production.
  • The script should contain the following:
  • the running order of the show, e.g. what happens 1st, 2nd, etc. to last of the show;
  • dialogue for the presenters;
  • order of performances;
  • opening scene;
  • closing scene;
  • judging sections after each performance;
  • announcement of the winner.

Now that you have a script, you can begin producing. Here is a breakdown of the production to help you with your planning. Tick each item when you are finished with it. This is only an example. You can compile your own breakdown to suit your needs.

Production breakdown

Script Producer to approve
Filling of portfolios
Selecting finalists
Selecting songs for finalists
Rehearsal dates
Performance date
Publicity for show
Posters, tickets, etc.
Set design
Set built
Costume design
Signature tune
Additional music
Sound equipment
Lighting equipment
Video camera(s)
Adjudicators’ table
Production script
Video editing
Presenting video

This project is a team effort and you need to work closely with the other learners in order for POPSTARS IDOLS to be a success.


Learning Outcome(LOs)
LO 1
creating, interpreting and presentingThe learner will be able to create, interpret and represent work in each of the art forms.
Assessment Standards(ASe)
We know this when the learner:
1.1 learns and performs steps from dances of popular cultures;
1.2 in preparing the body:
  • performs a set warm-up that conditions, stretches and strengthens the body;
  • demonstrates increasing kinaesthetic awareness, concentration and awareness of the correct and safe use of the spine and limbs;
1.2.3 moves across space in combinations of steps with co-ordination style and musicality;
1.3 improvises, composes and combines movements, using:1.3.1 movements or gestures;1.3.2 repetition and stillness;1.3.3 contrasting dynamics;
1.4 performs dance steps and combinations from at least two different styles of traditions of Southern Africa;
1.5 devises a simple warm-up routine, based on teacher’s exercises, to share with the class;
1.6 with teacher direction, participates in creating and presenting a written sketch or polished improvisation based on popular culture. This item should:
1.6.1 show knowledge of target audience;
1.6.2 use resources that enhance the piece;
1.6.3 make use of appropriate dramatic elements;
1.6.4 incorporate other art forms;


Activity 1

  • With this module you have to guide the learners to be able to present their own warm-up routine to the class. It is important to keep the following aspects of the warm-up in mind when planning their warm-up routine:
  • Relaxation
  • the first priority of the actor is relaxation
  • the actor’s body and voice are his instruments
  • tension of any kind impairs performance
  • tension usually shows itself first in the voice, because of shallow breathing
  • start with the shoulders
  • move on to arms and hands
  • the torso is the centre of all movement, because it contains our breath
  • breathing exercises are essential

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