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1. Give the three names by which Hanukah festival is known:

2. What is the purpose of Hannukah?

3. How is it celebrated?

Torah (Hebrew, “law” or “doctrine”), in Judaism, is the Pentateuch, especially in the form of a parchment scroll for reading in the synagogue. The written Torah, which consists of the five books of Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, is the cornerstone of Jewish religion and law. The scrolls are considered most holy and are beloved by the pious; every synagogue maintains several scrolls, each of which may be protected by a covering of rich fabric and decorated with silver ornaments. A special holiday in honour of the Torah, known as Simhath Torah (Hebrew, “rejoicing in the Law”), is celebrated in the synagogue by singing, and marching and dancing with the scrolls.

1. Briefly explain what the Torah is.

2. How is Simhath Torah celebrated?


LEARNING OUTCOME 3: Reading and ViewingThe learner will be able to read and view for informa­tion and enjoyment, and respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts
We know this when the learner:
3.1 reads a text (fiction or non-fiction);
3.3 reads and responds to social texts;
3.4 reads for information;
3.5 analysis photographs in texts (e.g. advertisements and newspapers).



It is important that learners learn from the outset that tolerance in any sphere of life is very important. What better way to teach them, than by looking at three religions and three representative practices.

Section 1:

1. The purpose of Ramadan is to develop piety.

2. The fast lasts 12 hours.

3. Muslims may not eat, drink and smoke during this time.

4. This is the night that it is believed God dedicates the path of the world for the next year.

5. There are special prayers at the end of the fast and then, on the 1 st day of the next month, there is much rejoicing and festivities.

Section 2:

Since the story might be familiar, one could ask the learners their version of the story. This comprehension should be read with the learners, pointing out unfamiliar words. Learners can be asked to read aloud.

1. It was a plain/simply-decorated church. The parishioners were not rich. They were ordinary working-class people.

2. Father/Reverend/priest

3. 185 years 24 December 1818

4. It only made a wheezing sound.

5. Christmas would not be the same without music.

6. Joseph’s mother did needlework for a living.

False - illegitimate son

True - earned money

7. He visited a mother and her new-born baby in Oberndorf.

The birth of Christ

8. No. He went about it ‘tentatively’ / cautiously

9. The first part is writing the lyrics.

The second part is composing the music.

10. Other hymns were powerful , rich and vibrant in sound. “Silent Night” was soft, mellow with a simplistic tune.

11. It is the front part. (the steps leading up to the altar)

12. an assembled flock

They are like a flock of sheep. The priest is the shepherd.

13. They were astonished and enjoyed the song.

14. Carol

15. The carol was as pure and fresh as an Alpine stream.

16. They are both pure and fresh.

17. Had they not sent for the repairman, Mauracher, the world would never have known the hymn. Mauracher spread the music to the rest of the world. He found it in an upper room. Mauracher found the song by accident. Singers travelled all over Europe in all directions. Father died a poor man. When Gruber died, people still did not believe that he wrote “Silent Night”.

18. It is an area where neither side of the opposing /fighting parties may go.

19. They were enemies and yet they were singing the same song.

20. It momentarily unites them despite the deepest of conflict between them.

21. 24 December

Section 3 : Hannukah and what the Torah means

1. Festival of the Lights

The Feast of Dedication

The Feast of the Maccabees

2. Hannukah honours the memory of the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem by Judas Maccabeus in 165 B.C.

3. One candle a night is lit for eight nights.

What the Torah means:

1. The first five books of the Bible form the Torah – the basis of the Jewish religion and law.

2. The members of the synagogue sing, march and dance with the representative scrolls.

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