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Body parts are discussed and educators can assess the learners’ auditory perception, spatial orientation and sequencing skills.

Learners read and illustrate the sentences, poems and rhymes and are taught the writing patterns and the corresponding letters viz. v , w , n , and m .

These sounds are also taught.

Integration of themes

  • A Healthy environment

The Wops family live in the forest, have no amenities like electricity and spacious homes.

They live a life dependant on nature; fruit and berries, etc. They therefore look after their habitat. We should follow their example and care for our environment.

  • Social Justice

Although the Wops have no earthly riches they are warm, friendly and helpful. People do not have to be rich to gain our friendship. Be sensitive towards people who have different cultures and who lead different kinds of lives.

  • Human rights

Everyone has the right to have shelter and food. Children should be cared for by their parents.

Leaner section


Chapter 1: here come the wops!

Today you are going to meet the Wops. Who are they? Look at the cover picture and tell me what you think they look like? Where do you think they live?

This is the story of Willy Wop! Willy Wop is a tiny little boy, as tall as my knee. He lives with all the other Wops in the forest. A Wop looks a little like a child, a little like an elf and a little like a troll. Willy Wop has a round, fat little tummy and short little legs. With these short little legs he travels as fast as the wind on his scooter made from a piece of wood. Willy Wop is the fastest of all the Wops.

Daddy Wop can do anything. He is clever and can make the most wonderful toys. Mummy Wop bakes the nicest cookies and at night she tells the most wonderful stories. She always tells Willy a story before he goes to sleep. Willie Wop loves his daddy and mummy very much. They are very special to him.

Willy is seven years old. He can fasten his shoelaces and he is allowed to travel on Mr Mole's underground train. Willy collects little red stones, which he finds along the banks of the river. They are very scarce and you have to look very carefully otherwise you will not see them. Because he is allowed to travel on the underground train, he has found quite a number of stones.

He has a brother and sister who are ten years old. Sam and Terry are twins and they play the nicest games. When Willy Wop was much younger, Sam and Terry did not want him to join them in their games. Now that he is older, he is allowed to join in their fun. He plays hide and seek with them and they all play together on the jungle gym. Baby Wop is only one year old. She is beginning to walk now but she can't climb the rope ladder to their tree house. Daddy and Mummy have to help her. Willy Wop loves his family very much and he often wishes that he could be seven years old for the rest of his life.

  • Now let's see who listened carefully.
LO 1.3
LO 2.2

LO 2.2


Learning Outcome 1: LISTENING: The learner is able to listen for information and enjoyment and respond appropriately and critically in a wider range of situations.

Assessment Standard 1.3: We know this when the learner listens with enjoyment to short stories, rhymes, peoms and songs form a variety of cultures, and shows understanding;

Learning Outcome 2: SPEAKING : The learner is able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations.

Assessment Standard 2.2: We know this when the learner communicates ideas using interesting descriptions and action words.

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