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In general: Have a good start – a good middle - a good ending .


8. Write down the speech on small cards, one point at a time.

9. Learn the speech as written on the cards.

10. Say the speech to yourself – ALOUD - without referring to the cards if you can.

Only now are you ready to make the speech!

Remember, writing a speech takes practice. It takes perseverance and time and effort.

And remember, if you do not get it right the first time, then do not give up.

You have done well to take part at all and next time should be easier.

NOW, Choose ONE of the following

Go home and prepare a speech to present to the class.

The speech should last between 3 – 5 minutes.

Fathers/ mothers have a very important role to play in bringing up children.

Discipline is not the same thing as punishment.

How to care for animals.

What young people talk about.

Playing a sport is a healthy occupation.

South Africa is a fascinating country.

Reading can take you anywhere in the world - or beyond.

Healthy things for teenagers to do.

How to spend R10 000 on others.

How tourism helps our economy.

Our game parks are special.

Why we should stop littering.

Rural life vs city life

Some good games for young children.

How to arrange a special party for a 14-year old.

If you had five special wishes, what would they be?

There is no substitute for Love.

To speak a few languages is an advantage.

Money does not buy happiness.

What preparations are necessary before going on a hike?

Activity 5:

[lo 2.1]


Your topic. (Underline the focus of your topic): ___________________

Your opening – to attract the attention of the audience: ____________________

Other main points:





5. Consider your pausing.

6. Consider a few gestures.

7. Your closing:

8. Remind yourself about posture and eye-contact.

9. Remember to be enthusiastic and sincere.

10. Make sure there are no language errors; use good diction.Make sure that your speech is neatly written on hard cards (ONE side only)

11. Above all, remember to speak clearly and audibly.

12. Finally, a reminder that preparation will give you all the confidence you need.Learn to speak hardly using your notes. Practise on your dog and the trees outside!


LO 2 Speaking

The learner will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations.

We know this when the learner:

2.1 communicates ideas and feelings creatively and expressively with a great degree of confidence and with limited assistance, using a range of selected oral text types;

LO 4 Writing

The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

We know this when the learner:

4.3 demonstrates basic skills in a range of writing appropriate to the text type;

4.4 uses the writing process collaboratively and independently to generate texts:

4.4.1 selects and explores topics through brainstorming, using mind maps and lists;

4.4.3 plans and develops topic using relevant information from other sources.


ACTIVITY1: The purpose of looking at a two-way conversation:

Pupils need to understand how much spoken language influences our lives and that learning this skill can be useful.


Sharing Problems in a Group Discussion: Again, pupils should understand that bottling up feelings is not healthy and that talking about them can help. Again, realizing that many pupils face the same problems helps to minimise the misery. Perhaps some of the advice that is meted out by them can be conveyed to the staff and parents!


More discussions in groups. Make sure that EACH pupil is contributing and perhaps give an award / prize to the best group: How well / thoroughly did they tackle the problem and did everybody take part?


Go through ALL the stages with them BEFORE they start and then encourage the different techniques. Allow the class to evaluate.

ACTIVITY5: Reading and reacting to “The Power of the Word”

  • As this is a fairy story, there is a special way to read it :
  • The important words are stressed .
  • Whatever is in the story must be expressed in the sound of the voice e.g.” beautiful” must SOUND “beautiful”(using a voice of admiration).
  • Pupils must learn to let their eyes run ahead so that the head AND eyes are lifted , looking at the audience when the last word(s) of the sentences are read/said.
  • This takes practice . What it means is that a reader maintains important eye-contact with the audience.

Most people drop their voice and their head at the end of a sentence and lose the punch of the sentence. So, PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE.

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