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Ars†23-964 posting notice of compliance with compensation law

Has the Governing Board posted in a conspicuous place typewritten or printed notices stating that the district has complied with the provisions of the Arizona Revised Statutes regarding workers' compensation and all rules and regulations of the Industrial Commission made in pursuance thereof and, if such is the fact, has been authorized by the Commission directly to compensate employees or their dependents?

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Ars†23-967 deduction of premium from wages or salary; penalty

Any employer who deducts any portion of the premium (workers' compensation) except for accident benefits, which he is by law required to pay, from the wage or salary of an employee is guilty of a petty offense. Is the district in compliance?

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Ars†23-1001 delivery of insurance contract or policy to employer

If the Governing Board insures for workers' compensation with an insurance carrier, has the district received from such insurance carrier a contract or policy of insurance?

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Ars†23-1022 compensation as exclusive remedy; definition; exceptions

If an intergovernmental agreement or contract is in effect, does the Governing Board/district post a notice in substantially the following form?

"All employees are hereby further notified that they may be required to work under the jurisdiction or control of or within the jurisdictional boundaries of another public agency pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement or contract, and under such circumstances they are deemed by the laws of Arizona to be employees of both public agencies for the purposes of workers' compensation."

An employee of the district, who works under the jurisdiction or control of or within the jurisdictional boundaries of another public agency pursuant to a specific intergovernmental agreement or contract entered into between the public agencies is deemed to be an employee of both public agencies for the purposes of this section. The primary employer shall be solely liable for the payment of workers' compensation benefits for the purposes of this section.

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Ars†23-1047 procedure for determining cooperation for partial disability and permanent total disability in cases not enumerated; procedure for determining nonscheduled dependency and duration of compensation to partial dependents in death cases

A person receiving permanent compensation benefits must report annually on the anniversary date of the award all earnings for the prior 12-month period. If the Governing Board is a self-insured employer, does the district notify such person that such report has not been received, if such is the case, and that payment of further benefits will be suspended unless such report of earnings is filed within thirty days?

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Ars†23-1061 for compensation; reopening; payment of compensation

Within ten days after receiving notice of an accident, does the Governing Board inform the insurance carrier and the Industrial Commission on such forms as may be prescribed by the Commission?

ARS Title 23, Chapter 6, Article 9 (ARS 23-1061 through ARS 23-1072) contains additional mandates regarding payment of unemployment compensation for employers who may be self-insured. These have been omitted from this handbook due to infrequent occurrence.

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Ars† 23-1361 blacklist defined; exceptions; privileged communications

A school district may lawfully provide information to a requesting employer concerning a person's education, training, experience, qualifications and job performance to be used for the purpose of evaluating the person for employment. Does the district send a copy of any such written communications to the former employee's last known address?

Communications concerning employees or prospective employees which are made by an employer or prospective employer to a government body or agency and which are required by law or which are furnished pursuant to written rules or policies of the government body or agency are privileged. An employer, including this state and its agencies, is not civilly liable for privileged communications.

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