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[ ] Yes [ ] No

Ars†15-873 exemptions: nonattendance during an outbreak

Does the school administrator admit pupils without documentary proof if:

  1. The parent or guardian of the pupil submits a signed statement to the school administrator stating that the parent or guardian has received information about immunizations provided by the Department of Health Services, understands the risks and benefits of immunizations and the potential risks of non-immunization and that due to personal beliefs the parent or guardian does not consent to the immunization of the pupil?
  2. The school administrator receives written certification which is signed by the parent or guardian and a physician which states that one or more of the required immunizations may be detrimental to the pupil's health and which indicates the specific nature and probable duration of the medical condition or circumstance which precludes immunization.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

Pupils who lack documentary proof of immunization shall not attend school during outbreak of communicable diseases as determined by the Department of Health Services or local health department.

Ars†15-874 records: reporting requirements

Does the district maintain the School Immunization Record as a part of the permanent student record?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

Does each school transfer the immunization record with the permanent student record and provide a copy of the immunization record, upon request, to the parent or guardian of the pupil, at no charge?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

By November 30 of each school year, does the district complete and file a report with the local health department and the Department of Health Services using forms provided by the Department of Health Services?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

Ars†15-881 extended school year programs for pupils with disabilities

Does each district make an extended school year program available to all pupils with disabilities for who such a program is necessary?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

Other ars title 15 requirements for school districts (15-902 through 15-2301)

Ars 15-902 determination of student count

Does the Governing Board certify all student absence figures submitted to the Department of Education?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Does the school district record membership and attendance for each day school is in session?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Does the district include absences as part of the attendance record which is forwarded to the Department of Education?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Mandates related to this section are covered in the USFR. See Section V.

Ars†15-916 expenditure of state grant monies not included in budget

If the Governing Board receives a grant from this state for a specific program and did not include the grant in the district's budget, does the Governing Board obtain approval from the county school superintendent to authorize the expenditure of grant monies in excess of the budget at a public meeting of the Governing Board?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Does the Governing Board notify the Department of Education within 30 days of the action?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-922 duties of the school district: definition (pupil transportation)

Does the district, within 12 days after the first 100 days in session, certify to the Superintendent of Public Instruction the daily route mileage of the school district in the current year, the route mileage of the school district in the current year transporting eligible students for an extended school year in accordance with ARS 15-881, and the number of eligible students transported during the current year?

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