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Does the District Policy include:

  • A procedure for pupils and parents to make confidential reports of this conduct to school officials?
  • A requirement that school employees report suspected incidents of this conduct to the appropriate school official?
  • A formal process to document reported incidents and to maintain the documents
  • A formal process to investigate suspected incidents
  • Disciplinary procedures for pupils who admit or are found to have harassed, intimidated or bullied
  • Consequences for false reports of such incidents

[ ] Yes [ ]No

39. Does the governing board prescribe and enforce policies and procedures regarding change or adopting attendance boundaries that contain the following components?

* A procedure for holding public meetings to discuss attendance boundary changes or adoptions that will allow public comment

* A procedure to notify the parents or guardians of the pupils affected

* A procedure to notify the residents of the households affected by the attendance boundary changes

* A process for placing public meeting notices and proposed maps on the school district website

* A formal process for notifying the residents and parents of the school district’s website

* A formal process for updating attendance boundaries on the website within ninety days of an adopted boundary change and the district shall send the changed boundaries website to the department of real estate.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

40. Does the governing board provide a copy of the fiscal management report on its website and make copies available to the public if the state board of education determines that the school district has committed an over-expenditure?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

41. Does the governing board ensure that the contract for the superintendent is structured in a manner where at least 20% of the total annual compensation and benefits is classified as performance pay. Unless the governing board votes to implement an alternative procedure to determine the performance pay portion of the superintendent’s total annual compensation, it shall be determined as specified in ARS 15-341 A 40?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-341 f

If it so chooses, does the governing board delegate in writing to a superintendent, principal or head teacher the authority to prescribe procedures that are consistent with the governing board’s policies?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-341 g

Does the governing board ensure that it does not take any action that would result in a reduction of pupil square footage unless the governing board notifies the school facilities board of the proposed action?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars† 15-341.01 one hundred eighty day school year

Does the governing board ensure that school instruction shall be conducted in each public school for at least one hundred eighty days (180) in each school year?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars †15-342 discretionary powers

Does the administrator ensure that if the Board decides to do the following: that policies and procedures are written that implement these decisions?

Governing Boards may

  1. Expel pupils for misconduct
  2. Exclude children under 6 years of age from grades 108
  3. Make such separation of groups of pupils as it deems advisable
  4. Maintain special schools during vacation for the benefit of the pupils of the district
  5. Permit superintendent, principal or representatives of the superintendent to travel for a school purpose. The governing board shall prescribe procedures and amounts for reimbursement of lodging and subsistence amounts that shall not exceed the maximum amounts established in 38-624.
  6. Construct or provide housing facilities for teachers and other school employees which the board determines are necessary.
  7. Sell or lease to other government agencies school property required for a public purpose.
  8. Annually budget and expend funds for membership in an association of school districts within the state.
  9. Enter into leases or lease-purchase agreements for school buildings or grounds for periods of less than 5 years.
  10. Sell school sites or enter into leases for more than 5 years but less than 100 years, if authorized by a vote of the electors of the district.
  11. Review the decision of a teacher to promote or retain a pupil to a grade or to pass or fail a pupil in a course in high school. Such a decision shall be done in executive session unless the parent of the pupil disagrees. If the review is conducted in executive session the board shall notify the teacher of the date, time and place of the review and allow the teacher to be present. Any decision shall become a part of the board’s permanent records.
  12. Provide transportation and loading and unloading areas for transportation for any child within or without the district, if it is in the best interest of the district.
  13. Enter into intergovernmental agreements and contracts with other school districts or governing bodies.
  14. Include in the curricula for high school vocational and technological education and vocational programs, subject to the approval of the state board of education.
  15. Suspend a teacher or administrator from his duties without pay for a period of time not to exceed 10 school days.
  16. Dedicate school property for use as a public right of way.
  17. Enter into option agreements for the purchase of school sites.
  18. Donate surplus or outdated learning materials to nonprofit community organizations.
  19. Prescribe policies for the assessment of reasonable fees for students using district- provided parking facilities. Such fees may only be applied against costs incurred in operating or securing the parking facility. Such fees policies shall include a fee waiver procedure.
  20. Establish alternative educational facilities consistent with the laws of the state.
  21. Require a period of silence to be observed at the commencement of the fist class of the day. Such period shall not exceed one minute and will be observed for meditation and no activities shall take place.
  22. Require students to wear a uniform
  23. Exchange property where necessary without requesting authorization by a vote of the school district electors, if the health safety or welfare of pupils is concerned.
  24. Assess reasonable fees for optional extracurricular activities and programs except that no fees may be charged for access to or use of computers. All fees assessed shall be done at an open meeting, where parents have been notified and shall not exceed the actual costs of the programs, services, or materials. Extracurricular activity means optional, noncredit, educational or recreational activity which supplements the education program of the school.
  25. Construct school buildings and purchase school sites, without a vote from electors if the buildings are totally funded from either unrestricted capital outlay fund, monies distributed from the school facilities board or monies donated.
  26. Conduct background investigations that include fingerprint checks for certificated personnel and personnel who are not paid employees of the school district. School districts may charge the cost of the fingerprint checks to the employee.
  27. Sell advertising space on the exterior of school buses subject to the limitations of ARS 15-342.
  28. Assess reasonable damage deposits to pupils in grades 7-12 for use of textbooks, musical instruments, band uniforms or other equipment required for the course.

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