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[] Yes [ ]No

The Governing Board of a school district shall release to the State Department of Juvenile Corrections or the presiding judge of a juvenile court before the juvenile is adjudicated, all educational needs relating to a pupil within ten days not withstanding any financial debt?

Does the administrator ensure that all educational records are released to the State Department of Juvenile Corrections within ten days, not withstanding any financial debt owed by the student?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

Ars†15-142 access to directory information relating to pupils

If the governing board of a school district permits the release of directory information relating to pupils or permits access to school buildings, school grounds or other school property to persons who inform pupils of educational opportunities, the governing board shall provide access and directory information to recruiting representatives of the armed services of the united states.

Notwithstanding section A above, pupil transcripts shall not be released to such representatives unless the pupil consents in writing to the release of the transcript.

Does the administrator ensure that all educational records are released to representatives of the armed forces but that pupil transcripts are not released unless a release form is signed by the student?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-151 eye-protective devices: definition

Every student, teacher and visitor in public and private schools, junior colleges, colleges and universities shall wear appropriate eye-protective ware while participating in or when observing vocational, technical, industrial arts, art or laboratory science activities involving exposure to:

  1. Molten metals or other molten materials.
  2. Cutting, shaping and grinding of materials.
  3. Heat treatment, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials.
  4. Welding fabrication processes.
  5. Explosive materials.
  6. Caustic solutions.
  7. Radiation materials.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

"Eye-Protective Wear" means devices meeting the standards of the USA standards safety code for head, eye, and respiratory protection, Z 21.1959 and subsequent revisions thereof, approved by the USA Standards Institute, Inc.

Ars†15-152 pest management at schools: notice

Governing Boards of each school district must develop and adopt a policy to provide pupils and employees with at least 48 hours notice before pesticides are applied on school property.

Does each administrator ensure that procedures are followed for written and oral notification to pupils, employees, parents or guardians before pesticides are applied on school property?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Does each administrator ensure that procedures are followed for the posting of signs to identify pesticide application areas and that continuing instruction is provided for pupils who are absent because of pesticide application?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-156 liquid roofing systems: violation

A person shall not knowingly apply or allow to be applied a liquid roofing system to a building that is owned or operated by a public school while a teacher or student is present in the building.

Does each administrator guarantee that procedures are followed to ensure that no liquid roofing system that contains any diisocyanate would be applied to a public school building while a teacher or student is present in building?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Note: Persons violating this section are guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.

Ars†15-161 state control of private schools

Note: This act ensures that nothing in the Arizona Revised Statutes provides supervision of private schools.

Ars†15-183 charter schools: requirements, applications

If it is in the school district best interest does the governing board accept applications for sponsorship of a charter school? If the governing board rejects an application, they shall notify the applicant in writing of the reasons for the rejection. School districts governing boards shall not grant a charter to a charter school that is located outside the geographic boundaries of the school district nor shall a district that has been determined to be out of compliance with the U.S.F.R. sponsor a new or transferring charter school.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-189 charter schools: vacant buildings

Does the school district make available to the state board of education a list of vacant and unused buildings that may be suitable for the operation of a charter school? If the governing board desires, does the school district sell used equipment to a charter school before the school district attempts to sell or dispose of the equipment by other means?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Ars†15-189.03 academic credits: transfer

Public schools shall accept credits earned by the pupil in courses or instructional programs at a charter school in a uniform and consistent manner and according to the same criteria that are used to accept academic credits from other public schools.

Does each administrator ensure that students who transfer in from private schools, charter schools and public schools are treated in a uniform and consistent manner and according to the same criteria?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

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