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Provisions in the above-described statutes and rules that are of special significance to school district administrators are addressed in this handbook with the following exceptions: those requirements which are currently being monitored by any divisions or units of the Arizona Department of Education, such as statutory or Board requirements relating to Special Education and Vocational Education; any requirement addressed in the Uniform System of Financial Records which is monitored by the Auditor General's Office; items of infrequent occurrence, such as statutes regarding changing district boundaries, forming new districts, subdivision of existing districts, annexation and consolidation of districts. State Board rules on school district procurement practices are not included, nor are Chapters 11 through 14 of Title 15 which pertain to the Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind, colleges, universities, and related institutions. The handbook should be used as a self-assessment instrument. The handbook is designed for use in Educational leadership classes as a part of the requirements for becoming a school administrator. The chief school administrator should utilize the work done by the intern and then appoint a local team to review the provisions of the handbook. Then the superintendent or chief administrator should report the results of the handbook to the local governing Board. This handbook and any other material or follow-up materials for the handbook should be kept on file for the next 2 years. The handbook is formed in compliance chapters that correspond to chapters in A.R.S. Title 15.Accurate determination of self-assessment can only come about through a systematic approach. The best method for such assessment is to have a team of individuals who can approach different sections of the handbook, seek compliance information in the policy manuals of the district, and then compare findings and results. The self-assessment process, to be effective, should generate a plan of action which will contain a description of any deficiencies found, a plan for moving forward, and the time lines for reaching compliance with the statute. Chapter 9 of this book reviews provisions in Arizona Revised Statutes other than Title 15, including Arizona Revised Statutes Title 28 Transportation , Arizona Revised Statutes Title 34 Public Buildings, Arizona Revised Statutes Title 35 Public Finances, Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36 Public Health and Safety, Arizona Revised Statutes and Title 38 Public Officers and Employees.

Arizona revised statutes title 28 transportation

Ars† 28-0414.01 school bus drivers; requirements

Does the Governing Board ensure that anyone who operates a school bus transporting school children possesses at least a Class B license and a School Bus Certificate?

Each applicant, in order to be certified, shall meet and maintain minimum standards that include requirements concerning moral character, knowledge of school bus operation, pupil and motor vehicle safety, physical impairments which might affect the person's ability to safely operate a school bus or which might endanger the health or safety of school bus passengers and knowledge of first aid. Additional certification requirements include completion of an initial course of school bus driver safety and training including behind the wheel instruction. The standards shall provide that tests be performed to detect the presence of alcohol or the use of a drug in violation of ARS 13-34 that may adversely affect the ability of the applicant to safely operate a school bus and that hearing tests may be performed with or without the use of a hearing aid.

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