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Activity 6:

Reporting on research

[lo 4.2, 5.2]

  • You are planning a get-together with your friends and would like to serve snacks, hotdogs and cooldrink.
  • Find out what each of the following items cost at:

A .A corner cafe

B . A supermarket.

    • 1 x 750g bottle of tomato sauce
    • 2 x 150g packets of chips (Try to price the same brands)
    • 1 kg Vienna sausages
    • 12 hotdog rolls
    • 2 x 2 litre bottles of Coke
  • Calculate the total cost for shop A and shop B.
  • Write a short report using the headings below as a guide.
  • Title of Report:
  • Aim (What you wanted to find out)
  • Procedure (What you did to gather your information)
  • Findings (What you found out)
  • Conclusion (What you think about what you have found out)
  • Recommendations
  • Signature :
  • Date:

Activity 7:

Argumentative / discursive essay

[lo 4.4]

  • [You will need approximately 4 - 5 lined pages for the following exercise.]

We started looking at the differences between argumentative and discursive writing. You should by now have a good idea of the differences between these two types of writing and be ready to decide which type best suits your way of thinking and style of writing.

Here are some topics. You need to choose ONE of them for an essay of 250 – 300 words . You can decide which type of essay you are going to write: argumentative or discursive.

Once you have chosen a topic, BRAINSTORM with a partner who has chosen the same topic as you have.

From your brainstorming notes, draw up an outline or MINDMAP of your essay, grouping ideas and making sure that they are ordered in a logical way to reflect the development of your discussion/argument.

Choose a suitable, attention-grabbing title and write the FIRST DRAFT of your essay according to the mind map you have compiled.

Pay particular attention to PARAGRAPHING . Remember that each paragraph should contain only one main idea. Also try to LINK your paragraphs so that one flows logically to the next.

Make sure that your INTRODUCTION is effective: it must spur someone on to read further.

Your CONCLUSION also needs attention: it is your last chance to make an impact on a reader!

Carefully edit your first draft/ask a partner to do it while you check his/hers. Use the EDITING CHECKLIST.

You should now be ready to pen the perfect essay. Go ahead. Enjoy!


  • your brainstorming notes
  • mind map / outline
  • first draft and checklist
  • final essay containing: the topic, genre (discursive or argumentative)
  • the number of words you have used.
Spelling and punctuation corrected
Formal English used throughout
Introduction has impact
One main idea per paragraph
All ideas are focused on the topic


Learning outcomes(LOs)

LO 1 Listening

The learner will be able to listen for information and enjoyment, and respond situations.appropriately and critically in a wide range of

Assessment standards(ASs)

We know this when the learner:

listens actively and carefully for specific information and main ideas, and responds appropriately.

LO 3 Reading and Viewing

The learner will be able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts.

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