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Listing 9 . Answer 47.
mars.getPicture().addMessage( "Dick Baldwin",10,20);

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Answer 46


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Answer 45


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Answer 44


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Answer 43

False. Code in the println method calls a method named toString on each incoming object reference and displays the string value returned by that method.

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Answer 42


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Answer 41

False. Everything in Java is passed and returned by value , not by reference.

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Answer 40

False. If there is a need to make the contents of those variables available outside the object, that should be accomplished by defining public accessor methods.

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Answer 39


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Answer 38


The default values are:

  • 0 or 0.0 for numeric variables
  • false for boolean variables
  • null for reference variables

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Answer 37


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Answer 36

False. When an object is instantiated, the constructor returns a reference to the new object.

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Answer 35


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Answer 34


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Answer 33


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Answer 32

False. The code in Listing 5 instantiates one object of the World class and populates that world with two objects of the Turtle class.

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Answer 31

False. The three variables declared in Listing 5 are reference variables (as opposed to primitive variables) . This means that they are capable of storing references to objects as opposed to simplybeing able to store values of the eight primitive types. It also means that they are incapable of storing values of the eight primitive types.

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Answer 30


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Answer 29


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Answer 28

False. Because these variables are declared private , they can only be accessed by code contained in methods defined inside the same class (and in inner classes of the class, which is beyond the scope of this module) .

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Answer 27


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Answer 26


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Answer 25


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Answer 24

False. The method named println that is called in Listing 1 is a method belonging to a standard system object that represents the standardoutput device (usually the command-line screen) . The purpose of the println method is to display material on the command-line screen.

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Answer 23


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Answer 22


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Answer 21


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Answer 20


In general, the type of the variable must be:

  • The name of the class, or
  • The name of a superclass of the class, or
  • The name of an interface implemented by the class.

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Answer 19


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Answer 18

False. The period ahead of the semicolon in Listing 4 says to search the current folder first.

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Answer 17

False. The purpose of the classpath is to tell the compiler and the virtual machine where to look for previously compiled class files that the applicationneeds in order to successfully compile and execute.

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Answer 16


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Answer 15


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Answer 14

False. The Prob01.java and Prob01 at the ends of the two commands in Listing 4 specify the files being operated on by the compiler and the virtual machine respectively.

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Answer 13

False. The Java compiler program is named javac.exe . The virtual machine is named java.exe .

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Answer 12


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Answer 11


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Answer 10


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Answer 9


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Answer 8

False. The required command is shown in Listing 3 .

Listing 3 . Answer 8.
javac Prob01.java

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Answer 7


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Answer 6

False. The name of the application shown in Listing 1 is Prob01 .

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Answer 5


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Answer 4

False. Java applets do not require a method named main .

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Answer 3


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Answer 2

False. java.awt.Color belongs to the Java standard edition class library.

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Answer 1


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