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One city design approach used to control urban growth is establishing greenbelts around the city peripheries. Greenbelts provide habitat such as forest areas for animals and open space for human recreation, while blocking the outward growth of the city. Another method used to lessen the effects of urban sprawl is the cluster development model for new residential areas. In this design housing is concentrated in a restricted portion of a tract, leaving the rest of the land in a relatively natural state with trees, open space and waterways.

Agricultural and forest lands

Less than half of the land area in the world (and in the United States) is used for agriculture. The majority of agricultural lands are rangeland or pasture . Rangelands are unsuitable for growing grain crops for a variety of reasons: the land may be too rocky or too steep, or the climate may be too cool or too dry. Livestock grazing is the major agricultural use of rangeland and pasture. Together, rangeland and pasture comprise about 35 percent of non-federal land (526 million acres) in the United States. Most of the nation’s rangelands are in vast areas of the western states with arid to semi-arid climates. Pastures, which are smaller managed grassy areas, are found on farms throughout the United States.

Croplands are important because they account for the bulk of food production. About 20 percent of the land in the United States (about 400 million acres) is croplands, with the highest concentrations in the central United States. About 70 percent of all cropland in the United States is classified as prime farmland.

Prime farmland is land that has a growing season, a water supply from precipitation or irrigation, and sufficiently rich soil to sustain high yields when managed according to modern farming methods. Cropland may become prime farmland with the addition of the irrigation or flooding protection needed to sustain high yields. Farmlands in the eastern and southern United States are generally smaller and produce a greater variety of crops than those in the Corn Belt and Great Plains, where a few major grain crops predominate.

In countries throughout the world, agricultural land is being lost for various reasons. Some land is being lost to other uses such as housing developments, commercial developments and roads. Unfortunately, this change in use is taking from us much prime agricultural land. In the United States, federal programs exist that encourage farmers to stop farming agricultural lands defined as sensitive, which pose a risk of environmental degradation. In an attempt to help preserve prime farmland in the United States, some local and state governments and private organizations have programs to purchase easements on cropland that restricts nonagricultural use.

Such croplands are temporarily or permanently retired from active production and are planted with perennial grasses or trees. Millions of acres of agricultural land in semiarid regions are lost each year due to a phenomenon called desertification . This occurs when once-productive land becomes too arid for agricultural use because of climate change or poor land management (i.e., overgrazing of rangeland, erosion of croplands).

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