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Life orientation

Grade 4

Good health

Module 2

What is in your lunch box?

Activity 1

To pack a healthy lunch box [lo 1.1]

“Pack” a healthy lunch box, using the list of items in the table on pages 2 and 3. Arrange them according to your order of preference in the Yes and No columns.

Remember, some items might be healthy but they are not necessarily a clever choice for food to take to school.

1. Each group member brings one item for a healthy lunch box and gives a reason for his/her choice.

2. Have a healthy picnic during one lunch break.

3. Make a mega-sandwich. The winner is the person who has the tastiest AND the healthiest sandwich.

  1. Think of children in the community who can’t afford to bring any food to school at all. Each learner brings one nourishing item, and together you pack a large container with food parcels to take to the nearest childcare centre with your teacher.

Do on your own:

(i) Are the following foodstuffs healthy or not? Mark them under Yes or No.

(ii) Arrange the different foods listed below in order of preference from top to bottom in the column My preferences.

Food Yes No My preferences
A whole pineapple
A tomato
A packet of popcorn
A McDonald’s burgher
A wedge of cheese
A Kitkat
A cooked mealie (corn on the cob)
A tin of Coke
A Vienna sausage
An uncooked egg
A watermelon
A naartjie
A toffee-apple
A packet of raisins
A banana

Activity 2

To make a sketch of a healthy food parcel [lo 1.1]

Make a drawing of a healthy food parcel in the space provided.

Activity 3

To make a sketch of a healthy plate of food [lo 1.1]

Draw a plate filled with the following nourishing foodstuffs:1 portion of protein, 1 portion of carbohydrates and 2 portions of vegetables (one green and one orange or red).

Activity 4

To prepare pumpkin soup [lo 1.1]

Underline the products in the list below that contain carbohydrates and vitamins, and that can be used to make a nourishing soup:

3 grated carrots

1 cup of water

5 pieces of chocolate

a pinch of salt

a teaspoon of instant coffee

1 cup of diced pumpkin

2 potatoes, cooked and mashed

a pinch of black pepper

2 dessertspoons of orange juice

half a teaspoon of chopped parsley

3 cups of sugar

2 pieces of chewing gum

1 teaspoon of curry powder

The soup can be made at school or at home. Boil all the suitable ingredients over a low heat until all the vegetables are tender. Make sure that the right products are used; otherwise you might end up with a horrible brew. Remember to get your mother’s permission before you take any of her supplies!

Activity 5

To play a word game [lo 1.1]

Shuffle the letters to find out which nutritious vegetables John and Miranda like best:




The learner will be able to make informed decisions regarding personal, community and environmental health.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

1.1 investigates menus from various cultures and suggests plans for healthy meals.

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