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Life orientation

Grade 4

Personal development

Module 12

Respect for others

Respect for other peoples’ bodies, and recognising and dealing with the feelings (emotions) of others.

Activity 1

To explain why other people’s bodies should be respected [lo 3.2]

Work on your own. Read the sentences that follow.

  • Mark at the end of each statement to indicate if you strongly agree ( Π ), agree more or less ( ), or do not agree ().

The body is a temple of God. …….

The body houses the sole. …….

Each person has his/her personal space. …….

Treat others as you would treat yourself. …….

I have the right to take revenge if someone has treated me badly. …….

I can respect another person’s body, even if I do not respect my own. …….

It is difficult to know how another person really feels. ……..

I must have the same respect for someone else as I have for myself. …….

It is a good thing to relieve your anger by attacking someone physically. ……

I may say “NO” whenever somebody touches my body in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable. …….

I am responsible for my own body. …….

  • In the sentences above, underline (or highlight) the one that you agree most strongly upon. Write in one sentence why you feel that way:
  • Make another () in the column opposite the sentence that you disagree most upon. Motivate why you feel so strongly about it.

Activity 2

To interpret the emotions of others [lo 3.3]

Group work:

Divide into groups of about five members each. Each group receives one large sheet of paper. Appoint one group member to do the writing. Mark the front of the paper “A”, and the reverse side “B”.

  1. Group members take turns to say what made him/her feel most happy during the past week. The scribe writes this down on side A.
  2. On side B is written what has made each one feel most unhappy during the past week.
  3. Group members discuss the happy experiences mentioned on side A and share their positive feelings with one another.
  4. The unpleasant experiences are then discussed. See if you can offer one another some good advice to feel better about these bad experiences.
  5. Groups report back to the class. One learner from each group briefly states what kind of experiences made their group feel happy and unhappy.

Dealing with conflict situations successfully

Activity 3

To solve conflict situations [lo 3.4]

(conflict: when people disagree)

Let’s form groups and role-play a situation. The following conflict situations are written down on scraps of paper, and placed in a paper bag. Each group leader draws one subject from the bag. Groups then have 15 minutes to work out a short scene, depicting the situation. At the end of each scene the conflict situation must be solved.

You and your brother or sister wants to watch different TV programs at the same time. Mum and Dad also have something to say about this.

Two learners in class have cheated in the test by writing answers on a scrap of paper. The teacher finds the letter. The whole class must now stay after school until the guilty parties come forward.

Guy Fakes Day is approaching. Some of the learners in your class want to arrange for a fireworks display that night. Others feel there are too many risks involved. One person feels very strongly about how it might affect animals in the neighbourhood.

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