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English home language

Grade 8

Module 2

Cultural and aesthetic prejudice

Module 2

Prejudice terminology

Activity 1:

Learn some prejudice terminology

[lo 6.1.2]

  • Read the following to yourself: Then the teacher might ask you to read to the class.

“To be biased,” means “to have a leaning towards”; “to favour one side”

e.g. “My daughter is really beautiful and deserves the prize although the other judges awarded it to another contestant.” (This mother should not be a judge; her daughter would win every time!)

“To be prejudiced” means ‘to pre-judge’ (the prefix ‘pre’ means ‘before’)

e.g. “I do not want to meet that new pupil. He is Korean and will probably be stupid.” (This speaker will probably be surprised to find that the Korean pupil is not stupid. She has not even met him and has already condemned him! Perhaps SHE is stupid for being so prejudiced?)

“To give a generalised opinion” means to lump everybody or everything into one category and to give particular qualities that most people associate with a person or thing to all people and all things e.g. All librarians are dull bookworms; all teachers are narrow-minded and strict; all traffic police are unfair, cross-looking people.

e.g. “What will she know? She’s a junior school teacher.”Here you are stereotyping (giving what you consider to be typical characteristics to all).

“To be inaccurate” means to veer away from the facts and to introduce or leave out a detail which will then convey a different message.

e.g. Jill tells John: “I am not going to the party tonight as I have to study.” Later John tells Roger: “ Jill is not coming to the party tonight – she must study and you know what that means!” Suddenly the whole message is changed because something was added . Or later John tells Roger, “ Jill is not coming to the party tonight.” Roger thinks all sorts of reasons for her not coming, because John left out some information , which also changes the whole message. See?

Activity 2:

A look at logic

[lo 5.1.1]

  • You have just learnt some terms about prejudice. Which would you use to describe a person who uses the following statements?

1. “I think you should distrust that man. He is a Russian!”

2. “I think that woman is common – she has bright blonde hair!”

3. “I will not employ that young man – he is wearing an earring!”

4. “Look at that poor driving – must be a woman!”

  • There is something WRONG with each statement.
  • Explain fully why you think all FOUR statements do not make sense.

Activity 3:

Reading a story

[lo 3.1]

  • The teacher will ask a few of you to read this story to the class.

Try to read it so that the class enjoys it!

The Birth of Prejudice

“One day a beautiful baby was born to Thami and Kolo, named Kwela.

As he grew up, Kwela’s mother sang songs to him, spoke soft words to him and cradled him lovingly in her arms. He was kind and polite to strangers who came past his village from time to time. Kwela’s father taught him to run and hunt and to treat animals and his elders with respect. It was a happy home. His parents taught him to be honest and to express his feelings and his fears.

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