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Arts and culture

Grade 7

Critical and creative reflection

Module 9

The indian dance


Activity 1:

To research a traditional dance:

The indian dance

[lo 2.3]


  • Watch a video of an Indian dance. Enquire at your local video shop about videos in the “Bollywood” genre.

Note the following aspects while you are watching the video:

  • the different ways the dancer uses straight and curved pathways;
  • the elevation, travel, gesture, jumps and turns;
  • the changes in speed, tension, continuity, rhythm and spatial relationships;
  • the movements in relation to the music;
  • if the dance tells a story;
  • the dance structure: the beginning, middle and end;
  • the different feelings, moods and emotions expressed by the dancers.

View the video again – or as many times as you want to see it.

Fill out the questionnaire after you have viewed the dance.

1. Did you like the dance? Why? / Why not?

2. Did you like the music? Why? / Why not?

3. What does the dance tell you about the Indian culture?

4. Describe the floor patterns of the dance.

5. What movements did you observe? (Refer to the five basic body activities).

6. What story did the dance tell?

7. Did the dance have a beginning, middle and an end? If so, identify the structure.

8. Did the dance convey any moods, emotions and feelings? What were they?

Class discussion

  • Discuss the video and the points stipulated in the questionnaire.
  • Discuss the similarities and differences of the video you have just viewed and the dances you have created in Module 2.

Activity 2:

To compare dances seen in south africa: africa dance vs. indian dance

[lo 2.4]

Observation and Questionnaire

  • Your educator will let you view a video of an African dance.

Take note of the following:

  • movement
  • style
  • purpose
  • costumes
  • music
  • View the previous video of the Indian dance again.
  • Review the aspects identified and discussed during Activity 1

Fill out the questionnaire after you have viewed the dances.

Q uestionnaire

African Indian
1. Movement:
2. Style:
3. Purpose:
4. Costumes:
5. Music:

Class discussion

  • Discuss the differences between the two dance styles and cultures.
  • Compare the five basic body activities between the two dances and identify the differences.


Learning Outcomes(LOs)
LO 2
REFLECTING The learner will be able to reflect critically and creatively on artistic and cultural processes, products and styles in past and present contexts.
Assessment Standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
COMPOSITE (2.1 – 2.2)
finds out about a South African artist of the past or present, from any form, and reports to the class;
explains the need for conservation of a country’s indigenous knowledge systems, heritage artefacts in museums, galleries, theatres, cultural sites and natural heritage sites;
DANCE (2.3 – 2.4)
researches a traditional dance in the community from people, books or videos and presents it to the class;
displays observation skills by describing components of dances in terms of movement style, purpose, and use of dances, costumes and music;

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