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English first additional language

Grade 8

Entrepreneurship: wheels can give you wings!

Module 7

Starting your business

Activity 1:

Going into business on your own!

[lo 3.8.2]

We live in a world where you seldom get anything for nothing. Which means we all need money. How do you earn extra money when you are still at school? Of course you can do part-time work if you are old enough. There are several ways - like baby-sitting or shelf stacking at the supermarkets - in which you can earn a few rands.

But what about a steady income ? Wouldn’t it be good to look forward to a steady income: to be able to plan your spending, to save up for a dream, to buy small things you need, to have something left to share with others? You can achieve these ideals if you start a business in order to make a profit.

A person who starts a business is called an ___________________________

The answer to the riddle above is hidden in the twelve sentences below . Each sentence contains a word printed in bold. Write down the first letter of each of these words in the blocks provided above. Keep them in the given order.

The Special Qualities of an __________________________________

1. He makes money in an enterprising way.

2. He can spot a need people have and he supplies what they are looking for.

3. He has a clear target towards which he works.

4. He keeps an accurate record of buying and selling and hours spent working.

5. He is enthusiastic about what he does.

6. He transforms his talents, skills and energy into profit .

7. A business requires hard work, but hard work pays!

8. He keeps his ears open so that he can hear what people want or need.

9. He offers his products or services in a new and refreshing way.

10 He keeps his eyes open to see what services might be needed.

11. He understands that advertising is vital.

12. He knows his hard work will reward him in rands and cents.

Write down the definition of an entrepreneur.

Activity 2:

Starting your business

A business starts with an idea.

Are you going to . . .

  1. Buy or sell?
  2. Provide a service?
  3. Produce and market your own product?
  4. Put your skills and talent to work?

Consider these four points carefully. List your ideas.

You have three minutes to work on your own.

Activity 3:

Developing your idea

[lo 4.1.2]

Your idea might be brilliant and smart, but you will need a business plan if you want to get it going. A business plan is like a road map - it shows you where you are going and keeps you on track.

Using your best idea , consider the following FOUR business basics:

What do I intend doing?

How do I intend doing it?

When do I intend doing it?

Why do I think this will succeed?

Imagine you are planning to start the Afribike venture. Draw up a simple business plan by filling in the answers in the table below.

  1. What are we going to do?
2. How/where are we going to get bicycles to sell?
3. When are we going to sell these bicycles?
4. Why is our scheme sure to succeed?

Activity 4:

Planning your own business enterprise

[lo 4.1.3]

Think carefully about the kind of business you intend starting.


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