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3. Which NEGATIVE RESULTS were noticed after the Congress of Berlin? /2/

4. a) Which other person mentioned in Reading 1 was, like Bismarck, not the ruler of his country, and

b) What important position did this person occupy in the government of his country?

a) __________________________________________

b) __________________________________________/2/

5. Read through the following statement and decide whether the part printed in italics is a cause or an effect

Statement: Problems started for the Germans when Bismarck was dismissed by the German leader, Wilhelm II, in 1890.

Answer: ______________________________

Motivation: ____________________________ /2/

/ 10 /

[LO 2.3]

Activity 2:

To discuss the clashing interests in the colonies as the second cause for the first world war

[lo 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 2.1]


Germany entered the race for territory in Africa at a late stage. Wilhelm II saw an opportunity to expand his power in North Africa through Morocco. Morocco had rich iron ore deposits, an asset to any industrialized country.

France already had control of Algeria, Tunisia, West and Central Sudan and French-Somaliland next to the Red Sea. But France desperately needed iron ore, since Germany had gained their largest supply of iron ore when it annexed Alsace and Lorraine during the French-Prussian War of 1871. On top of that, France still owed Germany war debt. France and Germany had been enemies since 1871.

Britain could not allow France to annex Morocco, since that would threaten the important strategic British naval base at Gibraltar. Germany was building up its fleet. This posed a threat to Britain, the dominant power at sea, who needed a large fleet to protect its outlying colonies. Germany was a common threat to France and Britain in 1904, therefore they formed the Entente Cordiale.

In this agreement, Britain and France put aside their conflicting interests in Africa. France recognized Britain’s interests in Egypt and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, while Britain secretly recognized France’s interests in Morocco. Publicly Britain still guaranteed Morocco’s independence.

When France’s interests in Morocco became public, Wilhelm II of Germany visited Morocco and promised the Sultan that Germany would protect Morocco against France. A conference was held in Algeciras in 1906 during which Morocco’s independence and Germany’s economic interests in Morocco were guaranteed. During this conference, France received the support of Britain and its ally, Russia.

Britain was firmly set against the undemocratic Russian government and its autocratic Tsar.

Russia lost the Russo-Japanese war in 1905 and the Tsar was forced to institute the Duma, a form of parliamentary government. Talks between Russia and Britain now became possible. British interests in Persia and Russian interests in Afghanistan were recognized. Furthermore,

the Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907 led to the forming of a new Entente between France, Britain and Russia. The Entente was not a military treaty, but a friendly understanding in the interests of peace in Europe.

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