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7. Train persons actually administering the tests on completing the test book identification information and coding the information on variables.

8. Properly packaging all answer sheets and tests

9. Forwarding all tests/answer sheets to the scoring contractor.

10. Retaining all unused and reusable test materials and storing them in a safe and secure manner

11. Reporting to the Department of Education any losses of test materials

Do persons designated to administer the test:

1. Keep all test materials in locked storage?

2. Refrain from reproducing any test materials in any manner?

3. Refrain from disclosing any actual test items to pupils prior to testing?

4. Refrain from providing answers to any test items to any pupils?

5. Administer only practice tests which are provided by the test publishers?

6. Strictly observe all times subtests?

7. Follow explicitly directions for administering the test?

8. Refrain from changing a pupil's answer?

9. Return all test materials to the superintendent or head of district immediately upon completion of testing?

All district decisions regarding the exemption of pupils who are non-English monolingual or predominantly speakers of a language other than English shall be made by the Governing Board. For purposes of determining if a pupil may be exempt from required testing, pursuant to ARS 15-744.B., does the Governing Board:

1. Verify that all students to be exempted have been assessed for language proficiency as required by R&-2-306

2. Verify that all such students are enrolled in one of the following: K-6 transitional Bilingual program, 7-12 Structured Bilingual program, K-12 Bilingual Bicultural Program, ESL or I.E.P

3. Submit to the Arizona Department of Education by September 30 annually, the Governing Board resolution along with the exemption form for the exemption of eligible pupils?

This exemption form shall contain the number, grade level and primary language of all pupils to be exempted. Eligible pupils enrolled prior to December 1 shall be included in the original request for exemptions. Such pupils cannot be exempted by subsequent action of the local district Governing Board. Eligible pupils who enroll in the district after December 1 may be exempted by resolution of the Governing Board if all requirements for identification and assessment of eligible pupils are met. The Governing Board shall submit by June 1, annually, the exemption for outlining the number of actual exemptions.

4. Submit to the Department of Education by December 1, annually, a final report describing the total number of actual students to be exempted.

Ensure that limited English students exempted from the norm-referenced achievement testing program shall be assessed annually with an alternative to the norm-referenced achievement test and that such assessment shall be conducted prior to April 30.

6. Submit to the Department of Education by May 30, the results of the alternative assessments.

Does the district maintain cumulative files regarding all exemptions and include alternative testing results for each exempted pupil to ensure that no pupil is exempted for more than three years?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr-r7-2-311 pupil testing variable information

Do those designated to administer the State Board approved achievement test assure that the following information is completed on the answer document for each pupil participating in the testing program?

1. Sex.

2. Primary language.

3. Racial/ethnic background.

4. Limited English proficient pupils participating in required programs by type, pursuant to ARS 15-754 where applicable.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr-r7-2-312 honorary high school diploma

Does the Governing board provide to an individual who has never obtained a high school diploma and who meets the requirements of at least 65 years of age, resides in Arizona and who enlisted in the armed forces before completing high school and who was honorably discharged from service, an honorary high school diploma?

( ) Yes ( ) No

Acrr-r7-2-401-405 special education

[ ] Yes [ ]No (Monitored by ADE, see recent monitoring report)

Acrr-r7-2-406 gifted education programs and services

Does the governing board have policies for the education of gifted students which include:

  • Procedures for identification and placement of students in gifted programs
  • Curriculum, differentiated instruction and supplemental services for gifted students
  • Parent Involvement
  • Scope and Sequence: which demonstrates articulation across all grades and schools to ensure opportunities for continuous progress.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr-r7-2-501 vocational education

[ ] Yes [ ]No (Monitored by ADE, see recent monitoring report)

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