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Acrr-r7-2-303 sex education

If the district elects to offer sex education in the common or high school does it do so in conformity with this regulation.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr-r7-2-304 extended school year

If the district elects to operate on an extended school year does it do so on the basis of this regulation?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr-r7-305 declaration of independence

Has the governing board of each common school adopted policies that:

  1. Require pupils to recite a passage from the Declaration of Independence for pupils in Grades 4-6 at the commencement of the first class of the day.
  2. Enable the pupil or the parent of the pupil to object to reciting the passage of the Declaration of Independence.

( ) Yes ( ) No

Acrr-r7-2-306 bilingual and english as a second language program

Does the local district identify all students whose primary home language is other than English upon enrollment forms and on the home language survey.?

Does the local district assess all students in Kindergarten and 1 st grade whose primary home language is other than English on an oral language proficiency assessment test approved by the State Board.

[ ] Yes [ ]No (Monitored by ADE, see recent monitoring report)

Acrr-r7-2-307 high school equivalency diplomas

[ ] Yes [ ]No (Monitored by ADE, see recent monitoring report)

Acrr-r7-2-309 completion of grade 10

Does the district recognize that a student has accomplished the completion of grade 10 when a student has earned 10 credits, which shall include: 1 credit of English, 1 credit of Math, 1 credit of science and 6 credits of additional work.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr-r7-2-310 pupil achievement testing

The nationally standardized norm-referenced achievement tests adopted by the State Board shall be given annually during a week in September or October designated by the State Board.

Does the district comply with the scheduled testing dates?

If, for any reason not reasonably foreseen by the school district, the test cannot be administered by the district during the week of September or October designated by the State Board, the test shall be administered within the week prior to or the week after the scheduled test date. Any adjusted test schedule must be approved by the Department of Education.

Does the superintendent, head of district or the designee:

1. Provide school district enrollment data to the Department of Education annually for purposes of test material distribution?

2. Verify the count of test materials received and distribute the test materials to each public school in the district?

3. Secure the test materials prior to distribution to pupils or persons administering the tests, as well as after the time of testing, by assuring materials are kept in locked storage?

4. Advise all district employees that the test materials are not to be reproduced in any manner?

5. Familiarize each person who will administer the test with the test publishers’ directions for administering the tests, the timing of the tests and the testing schedule?

6. Distribute actual test materials to persons administering the tests

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