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  • Figure 1 . Image from the file named Svg23.svg.


  • Listing 1 . Code requiring changes.
  • Listing 2 . Complete listing of the program named Svg23.java.
  • Listing 3 . Batch file to compile and run the program named Svg23.java.

Supplemental material

I recommend that you also study the other lessons in my extensive collection of online programming tutorials. You will find a consolidated index at www.DickBaldwin.com .


Creation of tactile graphics

The module titled Manual Creation of Tactile Graphics explains how to create tactile graphics from svg files that I will provide.

Normally in these modules, I provide the SVG files that you need to create tactile graphic. However, in this module, you will create your own SVG file byediting, compiling and running a program that I will provide named Svg23.java .

What is the IVEO Hands-on-Learning System ?

A disclaimer

I have no affiliation with ViewPlus Technologies Inc. , the manufacturer of the IVEO system, other than being an acquaintance and admirer of Dr. John Gardner, President and Chief Technical Officer of thecompany. However, as an independent observer, I believe that IVEO is a great system and I wish it were possible for every student to have access tosuch a system.

The words that you see here are my words, except for a few words that I copied from the ViewPlus website and presented in quotation marks earlier .

A description by the manufacturer

I will begin by referring you to an article written by John Gardner titled Accessing Graphical Information with IVEO SVG at (External Link) . I recommend that you read that article first and then come back and finish reading this module.

The component parts

If I understand it correctly, a complete IVEO System consists of the following components:

  • A computer
  • An embossing machine capable of producing embossed or tactile graphics
  • A free program called the IVEO Viewer that can be downloaded from (External Link)
  • A large 11x14 touchpad

In this module, I will assume that you have the necessary computer. I will alsoassume that you don't have a suitable graphics embossing machine but instead you have a friendly sighted assistant who is willing to manually emboss therequired printed image for you.

I will assume that you can download the IVEO Viewer software.

I will assume that you do not have an 11x14 touchpad, but instead you are able to come up with a suitable USB digitizing tablet. I will write this modulearound the use of a rather antiquated Wacom 5.0 x 3.62-inch digitizing tablet that I have owned for quite a few years. Your digitizing tablet will probably be a differentsize, so I will explain how to accommodate the difference is size.

I will also assume that you can download and install the free Inkscape program from (External Link) . That program will be needed to flip and print an SVG file to produce a mirror image that your assistant can manually embossfrom the back side.

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