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The newspaper collection is used constantly and is, in every sense, an active collection. The emphasis placed on the newspaper as a source of social history accounts, undoubtedly, for the steady use of our holdings.

It is suggested that the present practice of adding to our collection of 18th century newspapers and for the first twenty-five years or so of a particular com­munity in New York State be continued.

6. local histories

Our collection of local histories is comprehensive. This is especially true for the New York State and Eastern Seaboard area. These histories, especially those writ­ten during the nineteenth century, are invaluable for biographical, political and geographical data. Local histories of middlewestern, far western states, etc., are confined chiefly to county histories and are used as general reference material.

  • It is suggested that every city, town and county history of New York State be acquired.
  • It is suggested that county histories of New England, New Jersey, Pennsylva­nia, and the following states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota be acquired.
  • It is suggested that we should have, for general reference use, at least one good state history for each state, and add any outstanding new state history which might be published in the future.

7. circus material

Our circus material—posters, pamphlets, route books, biographies, memoirs, etc.—is unusually comprehensive. Much of the material relating to the circus in America has come by gift (e.g., the Leonidas Westervelt Collection) and the rest has been purchased over the years.

It is suggested that this Collection be added to as opportunity presents.

8. naval history

The Naval History Society gave its library to our Society and, in addition, also donated funds for the purchase of more material (Naval History Fund). The Naval History Society Collection, accompanied by catalog, covers the United States Naval History from the Revolution through World War I. It includes biogra­phies of naval leaders, accounts of naval campaigns, histories of naval vessels, etc. We continue to purchase, through the funds provided, naval histories prior to World War I, but we have not attempted to collect naval historical and campaign material relating to World Wars I and II, except for some official govern­ment publications in the field of naval historical and campaign material. This material is used by researchers in our library and the collection is an active one. It is suggested that the Library should actively collect primary material in U.S. Naval History through the Spanish-American War. This terminal date seems prac­tical because of the large Lathrop C. Harper Collection of Spanish-American War material. It is suggested that for the period after 1898 the Society should accept primary material offered as gifts and should continue to purchase primary material related to New York City and State. It is further suggested that the pur­chase of secondary material should be limited to outstanding histories on the basis of reviews in selective historical journals.

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