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This module provides a brief introduction to enhanced educational features for teaching with National Instruments Multisim. Multisim is fully featured SPICE schematic capture and simulation tool used for circuit design, simulation, and in combination with Ultiboard for layout of custom PCBs.

Enhanced features for teaching


Multisim is used in colleges and universities around the globe. It has become an essential academic tool.Academic features available in Multisim provide students with intuitive methods for easily exploring circuit theory.

Because National Instruments products can be applied at the introductory, advanced and professional levels,students’proficiency with the software will naturally grow over time, allowing them to focus on tackling increasingly complexcontent and projects, not on learning new tools over and over as their needs increase.


3d virtual components

Multisim includes a set of components specifically designed for students with little to no experienceworking with parts in real life. When placed on the schematic, these 3D virtual components appear exactly as they look in the realworld. These components are available in the Basic group of the Master Database, under the 3D_VIRTUAL family.

3D Virtual Components

Animated components

Animated components provide students with visual feedback on circuit operation during simulation. Examples ofanimated components include LEDs, 7-Segment displays, and other interactive components such as switches and potentiometers.Animated components are located throughout Multisim's databases.

Rated components

Rated Componentshave tolerances just like real-world parts. Users can control the tolerance level by editingthe part properties. If the power being dissipated by a virtual rated resistor is above the threshold, the resistor will "explode"on the schematic, and act as an open circuit. Rated Virtualcomponents can be found in the RATED_VIRTUAL family of theBasic group in the Master Database.

3d virtual breadboard

Multisim also includes a 3D Virtual Breadboard. The breadboard can be used to teach students importantprototyping techniques. Nets and components will turn green on the schematic when their corresponding breadboard elements have beencorrectly wired. The breadboard also includes a Design Rules Check (DRC) and Connectivity Check.

3D Virtual Breadboard

3d virtual elvis

In addition to the standard 3D Virtual Breadboard, students also have the option to create NI ELVISschematics, which will have a corresponding 3D ELVIS representation. The virtual instruments included with NI ELVIS suchas the function generator, oscilloscope, and variable power supplies have also been modeled. To create an NI ELVIS schematic,click File/New/ELVIS Schematic.

To access the ELVIS virtual instruments, double-click on the terminals corresponding to the desiredinstrument.

3D NI ELVIS Schematic
3D Virtual NI ELVIS


Circuit faults

Instructors have the ability to insert faults into schematics, and have students hone their troubleshootingskills by trying to find the faults. The injected faults can be hidden to force students to apply fundamental techniques oftroubleshooting. To add a fault into a component, double-click on the component, and select the Faults tab.

Faults include open circuits on a particular terminal, short circuits between two pins of a component, andresistive losses measured in Ohms.

Adding Faults to Components

Black boxes

Instructors can also use subcircuits as black boxes, and engage students in more sophisticated circuit analysistechniques. To create a black box problem, use the information in Section I on creating subcircuits. Note:Hierarchical blocks shouldnot be used as black boxes because the internal circuitry is stored in a separate file, which students would be able to view.

Circuit restrictions

Circuit restrictions play a very important role when creating black box problems, or inserting circuit faults.Restrictions allow instructors to prevent students from seeing subcircuits, hide the faults, and limit the number or availablecomponents and instruments. In this manner, as an example, it is possible to force students to use an oscilloscope to make gainmeasurements when determining the bandwidths of filters, as a bode plotter or AC analysis may not always be available.

Global and circuit restrictions are available under the Options menu. Restrictions are locked by password.

Circuit Restrictions Dialog Box

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