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Grade 6

3-d dreams

Module 7

Let‘s make a small clay box

Case study for a boy

During each break at school, you play marbles and you are becoming very skilful.

Every day you won beautiful large shooting marbles, which you showed, proudly to your dad at home. You did not take these prized possessions back to school, because you were afraid you would lose them. Unfortunately you forgot to put them in a safe place. Then one afternoon your mom spoke to you for the third consecutive day, because you had forgotten to take your marbles out of the pockets of your school trousers and they had landed in the washing machine. Your mom was very distressed because she had to call the plumber to see to the washing machine again. She warned you to get a container for your marbles, otherwise she would quietly make them disappear. You decided that this container would not be just an ordinary empty plastic bag, a glass, peanut butter jar or an empty coffee tin.

Case study for a girl

It is already difficult to get up early for school in the winter, but if your hair elastics are always missing, especially when you are already late, it becomes necessary to make a plan. You regularly miss the school bus and then your mom has to take you to school in the old farm truck. You decide to design and make yourself a container that you can put on your dressing table next to your hairbrush, in which you can put your hair elastics the moment you remove them from your hair. You have a lovely big dam on the farm where you can find lots of clay. You want to make a container from clay.

1. Research

Assignment 1:

a) What is the need?

b) Write down a clear and short design proposal for your product.

I am going to design and make a (what )

to use at the so that I can put my (what)

in it.

[LO 1.4]

c) Specifications for the design and manufacturing of the product.

1. The shape/figure A cube with a loose fitting lid
2 The size Sides of more or less 10 cm each with each edge 5 mm thick
3 Materials used Modelling clay
4 Finishing Creative designs on the outside
5 Durability Handle carefully because it can break
6 Safety Use modelling knife carefully

2. Design


The five principles for a successful design is that the product must have a PURPOSE, an interesting APPEARANCE, will be made from a suitable MATERIAL and that it will be sturdily MANUFACTURED so that it will have a positive INFLUENCE on the user and the environment.

Assignment 2a:

Design the container for your hair elastics / marbles by making an isometric drawing of the container without the lid. draw many designs. see that you have a frame of approximately 20 cm by 20 cm in which you can draw the designs.

[lo 1.5]

Assignment 2b:

Circle the best idea. remember the labels.

[lo 1.6]


You are going to make six loose tiles that you can join. You must decorate the outside of the container in a creative and original way by pressing small objects such as screws, needles and paper clips into the soft clay, or by etching patterns into it with a kebab stick. Thus you are going to decorate only four planes in the same way.

Questions & Answers

What is demand
TECK Reply
the amount of a good that buyers are willing and able to purchase
what is population
Amadou Reply
The people living within a political or geographical boundary.
what happens to price and quantity when demand curves shift to the right
Asha Reply
price level goes up. quantity demand increases
example- inferior goods
demand law
Its states that higher the price the of the commodity, and lower the quantity demanded
I am confused but quantity demand will increase.
No. That's the law of supply
what happens to price and quantity when supply curve shifts left?
Asha Reply
price level will increase
quantity demand will decrease
what is inflation
Pop Reply
inflation is a general and ongoing rise in the level of prices in an entire economy.
is the pasistance increase in the price of a country economy
how does inflation affects the economy of a country? what is deflation?
deflation can simply be define as the persistence decrease in price of a countrys economy
the revenge of malthus relates "revenge" with "commodity prices". collect data for 3 commodoties and check their price evolution
Jamshi Reply
what is elasticity
dubela Reply
Elasticity is an economics concept that measures responsiveness of one variable to changes in another variable.
Computer software represents
Mboledi Reply
पर्यावरण राज्यों में से किस राज्य में शिष्य शिक्षक अनुपात 30 से अधिक वाले विद्यालयों का प्रतिशत न्यूनतम होता है
plz Reply
Hey what are you trying to mean?
what is Asset
like a banana
demand is the process whereby consumers are willing and able to purchase a particular product at various price over a given period of time
Samuel Reply
The law of dinimish
Frank Reply
What is the law of dinimish
What is the law of dinimish
What is the law of dinimish
opportunity cost is to forgo something for another.
jackie Reply
what is financial market
Asheeru Reply
what is demand
Levinel Reply
Demand is an economic principle referring to a consumer's desire to purchase goods and services and willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service.
explain any three exceptions to the law of demand
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