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5. good at sport

6. take things apart, put them together again

7. prefer to stand while working

8. like background music while working

9. enjoy working with hands – making things

10. like to chew gum – to eat in class

11. learn by moving and exploring the environment

12. may be regarded as being hyperactive

13. am good at finding direction

14. touch other people frequently (hug, etc.)

15. prefer to do things on own, rather than to watch a demonstration or to read from a book


1. What is your learning style?

2. Which strategies (methods) can you use to study more effectively?

  • Research of Providers of Funds for Study and Career Purposes
  • Post-school (tertiary) training is very expensive. It is often the high cost of training that prevents us from following the career that we have always dreamt of.

However, there are ways of overcoming this stumbling-block. If we seek information on how to obtain funds for our studies in time, we can save ourselves and our parents a great deal of worry.

Here are a few hints:

1)first of all you must examine your own situation

a) Has provision already been made for studies? Parents sometimes take out study insurance policies for their children as a means of providing for their future studies. Have your parents done this?

b) If your parents have made provision, is it sufficient to cover the costs of the course you intend to follow? Costs often rise so rapidly that a policy that was taken out a few years before is no longer sufficient to cover all the costs.

c) If your affairs are all in order, you have no reason to worry any further. However, if no money has been put aside for this purpose, or if the available funds are insufficient, you will have to make further plans. A proper education is simply too important to allow it to fall by the wayside.

2)what can you do about the situation?

a) You can postpone your studies and work for a while in order to save up some money.

b) You can study part time and work part time, so that you can help to cover some of the costs. This option demands a great deal of self-knowledge, because it takes tremendous self-discipline to earn money and to feel independent, but still to be so dedicated that you are willing to use your time and money to carry on with your studies. You might not attend classes now, or you may be working for part of the day and attending lectures during other times of the day. Now you must decide on your own how to manage your time and stick to an effective schedule.

c) You can apply for financial assistance in order to finance your studies.

3)financing your studies

There are different possibilities that you can try:

A)study bursaries

  • It is financial assistance that is granted to a student on the grounds of excellent achievement.
  • There are usually no work or repayment obligations for the student.
  • Study bursaries are more readily available in certain fields of study such as chemistry, engineering and commerce.

B)bursary loans

  • You can apply for a bursary.
  • It is financial assistance that is given to a student so that he / she can train or study for a profession.
  • An applicant is usually expected to have a good academic record and really to need the financial help.
  • There is usually some obligation connected to a bursary loan. A student is usually expected to work for the institution that provided the bursary for a certain period, or to repay the amount after completion of his / her studies.


  • Your parents make a loan from a bank.
  • A loan is granted on the grounds of your parents’ relationship with the bank where they do their business.
  • A loan must always be repaid after the studies have been completed.
  • [LO 5.1]


orientation to the world of workThe learner will be able to make informed decisions about further study and career choices.
ASSESSMENT STANDARDS: We know this when the learner:
5.1 researches study and career funding providers;
5.2 motivates own career and study choices;
5.3 critically reflects and reports on opportunities in the workplace;
5.4 discusses rights and responsibilities in the workplace;
5.5 outlines a plan for own lifelong learning.

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