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All sessions will be held in the Auditorium of the Harrison Institute and Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia.

Friday, march 26

9:00:opening remarks

James Hilton, Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, University of Virginia

Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian, University of Virginia

Jerome McGann, John Stewart Bryan Professor of English, University of Virginia

10:30: allison muri, the grub street project

Moderator: Andy Stauffer

Respondents: Robert Darnton, Laura Mandell

12:00: lunch

1:30:greg nagy, homer multitext project

Moderator: Michael Suarez

Respondents: Michael Moss, Hans Walter Gabler

3:00:roger bagnall, integrating digital papyrology

Moderator: Joe Gilbert

Respondents: Greg Crane, Peter Robinson

6:45:dinner, the colonnade club (drinks 6:00)

Saturday, march 27

9:00:alan burdette, evia digital archive project

Moderator: Dana Wheeles

Respondents: John Unsworth John Rink

10:30: project structure and project sustainability

Moderator: Bethany Nowviskie

Panelists: Christine Madsen (for Paolo D’Iorio), Jennifer Edmond, Susan Schreibman

12:00: lunch

1:30:todd presner, hypercities project: berlin and los angeles

Moderator: David Germano

Respondents: Stephen Plog, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum

3:00:kenneth m. price, civil war washington project and the walt whitman archive

Moderator: Stephen Railton

Respondents: Dan Cohen, Timothy B. Powell

6:45:dinner, the colonnade club (drinks 6:00)

Sunday, march 28

9:00: penny kaiserlian, rotunda

Moderator: Worthy Martin

Respondents: Paul Courant, Michael Keller

10:30: intersystems: publication, research, infrastructure

Moderator: Jerome McGann

Panelists: Chuck Henry, Geoffrey Rockwell

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