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    Aufbau principle

    procedure in which the electron configuration of the elements is determined by “building” them in order of atomic numbers, adding one proton to the nucleus and one electron to the proper subshell at a time

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Questions & Answers

whats de shape of water
Amara Reply
water has no shape because it's liquid
water is a shapeless, odourless, colourless and tasteless substance that only takes the shape of its container.
i think they're referring to the molecular shape?
It has no shape but takes the shape of the container
what isthe maening pkw
Wilson Reply
introduction to chemistry for beginner
Lansana Reply
through out human history
marwan Reply
is euglena a unicellular organ
Agio Reply
is euglena a unicellular organism
how is hydrogen can be heated
Buwembo Reply
what is difference between atom and molecule
Aqeela Reply
Atom is the smallest part of matter; it consists of equal number of protons and electrons. It may have neutrons. A molecule is a compound made of atoms covalently bonded.
does amoeba has structure
Mercy Reply
what is the effect of green house on the earth 🌎
kolawole Reply
what is the effect of green house on the earth 🌎
what's an atom?
Davy Reply
it's the smallest unit of Matter
smallest part of an element
also, depending on its (atom's) structure, that is the amount of protons and neutrons and electrons, is the determining factors of what element it is.
is a smallast particals of an element
it is the smallest part of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction
is the smallest part of an element
An atom is the smallest indivisible part of a matter
Oy kl konsa test hay or kitna hay?
Faisal Reply
differences between solid liquid and gaseous state
Ochei Reply
modification of John dalton atomic theory
the differences between soliq liquid and gas is that in solid the particle are strongly bonded together by forces of cohesion and the particle are not able to move about but only vibrate in a fixed position but in liquid the particle are loosely bond together and the particle are able to move about
2.4g of magnesium reacts with 0.3mol of hydrochloric acid write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction. (b)Determine the limiting reactant
Sheldon Reply
I don't understand internal heat energy and Hess' law...
Jo Reply
Internal energy is the sum of kinetic and potential energies a substance or a mass of material posses. Hess law is about that (he found out) that whatever the reaction direction or steps (routes) the reactants take to rwach the same product have the same resultant enthalpy change (enthalpy is simply
The exchange of energy between 1 mole of reactants and surrounding.)
Energy is simply a measurment for how much work can be done; like, if I have 5 joules I can run 5 meters and if I have 10 joules of energy I can run 10 metres for examole. Energy is something that we can't touch nor create nor detroy, only god (the first) can do that..
what is the functionally group of alkanol
why is organic chemistry important to our life
Aliyu Reply
Knowledge of organic chemistry is revolutionising for many aspects of our life and for conservation of animals in habitat as well. It is essential for the developing of new drugs for new diseases. Important in industry of food flavours/ additives, paints, colours, materials (like plastic for its)
Suitable needs), and still research can open new fields in what we still don't know and in application.
Prophet Mohamed said pbuh in explanation (God did not create a disease except create a cure for it. ) could also be psychological.
Practice Key Terms 7

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