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A&P Key Terms 05 The Integumentary System


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1. acne skin condition due to infected sebaceous glands
2. albinism genetic disorder that affects the skin, in which there is no melanin production
3. anagen active phase of the hair growth cycle
4. apocrine sweat gland type of sweat gland that is associated with hair follicles in the armpits and genital regions
5. arrector pili smooth muscle that is activated in response to external stimuli that pull on hair follicles and make the hair "stand up"
6. basal cell carcinoma cancer that originates from basal cells in the epidermis of the skin
7. basal cell type of stem cell found in the stratum basale and in the hair matrix that continually undergoes cell division, producing the keratinocytes of the epidermis
8. bedsore sore on the skin that develops when regions of the body start necrotizing due to constant pressure and lack of blood supply; also called decubitis ulcers
9. callus thickened area of skin that arises due to constant abrasion
10. catagen transitional phase marking the end of the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle
11. corn type of callus that is named for its shape and the elliptical motion of the abrasive force
12. cortex in hair, the second or middle layer of keratinocytes originating from the hair matrix, as seen in a cross-section of the hair bulb
13. cuticle in hair, the outermost layer of keratinocytes originating from the hair matrix, as seen in a cross-section of the hair bulb
14. dermal papilla (plural: dermal papillae) extension of the papillary layer of the dermis that increases surface contact between the epidermis and dermis
15. dermis layer of skin between the epidermis and hypodermis, composed mainly of connective tissue and containing blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands, and other structures
16. desmosome structure that forms an impermeable junction between cells
17. eccrine sweat gland type of sweat gland that is common throughout the skin surface; it produces a hypotonic sweat for thermoregulation
18. eczema skin condition due to an allergic reaction, which resembles a rash
19. elastin fibers fibers made of the protein elastin that increase the elasticity of the dermis
20. eleiden clear protein-bound lipid found in the stratum lucidum that is derived from keratohyalin and helps to prevent water loss
21. epidermis outermost tissue layer of the skin
22. eponychium nail fold that meets the proximal end of the nail body, also called the cuticle
23. external root sheath outer layer of the hair follicle that is an extension of the epidermis, which encloses the hair root
24. first-degree burn superficial burn that injures only the epidermis
25. fourth-degree burn burn in which full thickness of the skin and underlying muscle and bone is damaged
26. glassy membrane layer of connective tissue that surrounds the base of the hair follicle, connecting it to the dermis
27. hair bulb structure at the base of the hair root that surrounds the dermal papilla
28. hair follicle cavity or sac from which hair originates
29. hair matrix layer of basal cells from which a strand of hair grows
30. hair papilla mass of connective tissue, blood capillaries, and nerve endings at the base of the hair follicle
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