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A&P Key Terms 06 The Skeletal System


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1. articular cartilage thin layer of cartilage covering an epiphysis; reduces friction and acts as a shock absorber
2. articulation where two bone surfaces meet
3. bone hard, dense connective tissue that forms the structural elements of the skeleton
4. canaliculi (singular: canaliculus) channels within the bone matrix that house one of an osteocyte's many cytoplasmic extensions that it uses to communicate and receive nutrients
5. cartilage semi-rigid connective tissue found on the skeleton in areas where flexibility and smooth surfaces support movement
6. central canal longitudinal channel in the center of each osteon; contains blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic vessels; also known as the Haversian canal
7. closed reduction manual manipulation of a broken bone to set it into its natural position without surgery
8. compact bone dense osseous tissue that can withstand compressive forces
9. diaphysis tubular shaft that runs between the proximal and distal ends of a long bone
10. diplo layer of spongy bone, that is sandwiched between two the layers of compact bone found in flat bones
11. endochondral ossification process in which bone forms by replacing hyaline cartilage
12. endosteum delicate membranous lining of a bone's medullary cavity
13. epiphyseal line completely ossified remnant of the epiphyseal plate
14. epiphyseal plate (also, growth plate) sheet of hyaline cartilage in the metaphysis of an immature bone; replaced by bone tissue as the organ grows in length
15. epiphysis wide section at each end of a long bone; filled with spongy bone and red marrow
16. external callus collar of hyaline cartilage and bone that forms around the outside of a fracture
17. flat bone thin and curved bone; serves as a point of attachment for muscles and protects internal organs
18. fracture hematoma blood clot that forms at the site of a broken bone
19. fracture broken bone
20. hematopoiesis production of blood cells, which occurs in the red marrow of the bones
21. hypercalcemia condition characterized by abnormally high levels of calcium
22. hypocalcemia condition characterized by abnormally low levels of calcium
23. internal callus fibrocartilaginous matrix, in the endosteal region, between the two ends of a broken bone
24. intramembranous ossification process by which bone forms directly from mesenchymal tissue
25. irregular bone bone of complex shape; protects internal organs from compressive forces
26. lacunae (singular: lacuna) spaces in a bone that house an osteocyte
27. medullary cavity hollow region of the diaphysis; filled with yellow marrow
28. modeling process, during bone growth, by which bone is resorbed on one surface of a bone and deposited on another
29. nutrient foramen small opening in the middle of the external surface of the diaphysis, through which an artery enters the bone to provide nourishment
30. open reduction surgical exposure of a bone to reset a fracture
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