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Editor : Molly Lavik (Vatel International Business School Los Angeles, USA)

Entrepreneurial mindset enhancing activities

  • Set up a Google Alert for the key words: “entrepreneurial mindset” at (External Link) . A Google Alert is a query of key words and allows you to receive in your e-mail inbox a list of all the stories to be posted on the Internet that day associated with your key word. You can set the alert to come to you immediately, daily or weekly.
  • Discuss with entrepreneurs what attributes they possess that make these founders particularly adept at starting new ventures. When you talk with these visionary individuals be on the “look out” for unique characteristics that they people possess.
  • Take some time and consider today what you want your lasting legacy to be and who you will accomplish those goals. Keep a diary of this journey and try when possible to have journal entries about what type of entrepreneurial characteristics you are developing to help you achieve your legacy goals.
  • Do not let others define your entrepreneurial journey! You know who you are and who you want to be. The “naysayers” will always be around to try to prevent you from starting a new venture. Learn to listen to your gut.
  • Seek out educational programs and literature that will help you better develop your own entrepreneurial characteristics. Make a list of the attributes you do not yet possess and then develop a plan of action to achieve adding these entrepreneurial characteristics to your own personality traits.
  • Schedule time every day for 30 minutes to keep refining your entrepreneurial characteristics and figuring out how to enhance your entrepreneurial personality. Many people think that what you spend time thinking about will become ultimately your own reality.
  • While each of you are from different countries and cultures there are some places that often will provide resources for first-time entrepreneurs.

These places include:

  • Small business associations
  • Banks, financial institutions, and micro-credit agencies
  • Educational Facilities
  • Business related NGOs
  • Libraries
  • Community Redevelopment Agencies
  • Most family and friends for moral support
  • The Internet when using the right search terms associated with developing and or enhancing your entrepreneurial mindset.

Now you are ready to go out and potentially create your own hero’s journey

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